Internet Backs User Whose Brother's Water Prank Ruined a Birthday Party

The internet defended a user who snatched dessert from their brother who'd just pranked the user's wife.

In a post with over 8,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments that has gone viral in the "AmITheA**hole" Reddit forum, u/HalleandRob shared their story about their prankster brother that didn't sit well.

The user's brother "Rob" is known for his pranks on everyone—even people he doesn't know. The OP (original poster) thinks the jokes are unfunny and could lead to potential issues down the road. They explained the family is very similar to their brother's "joking" tendencies and they don't talk to each other often.

According to We Have Kids, the top reasons why grown children stop having contact with their parents is because of the disapproval of a significant other, parents not apologizing, too controlling over their grandchild, favoritism, and too overbearing. In this case, it's prank-related.

They wrote: "His 'pranks' are just antagonising someone until he gets bored and then calling it a "prank." Rob's behaviour has seriously affected my relationship with him. When I first started dating my wife, 'Halle,' he made it a habit at every gathering I would attend with her to prank her; not just an average whoopee cushion or a rubber snake - like hiding her glasses for hours on end, or pouring vinegar in her tea."

Since giving birth to their first child, the OP and their wife have been keeping their distance from the user's family. The last time they saw the newest family member was a few months prior. However, the OP's family wasn't too fond of the idea.

Putting icing on cupcakes
The internet has defended a Reddit user who left his brother's birthday party with the desserts they made for him after pulling prank on wife. morrowlight/iStock / Getty Images Plus

The user, their wife, and their son were invited to Rob's 30th birthday party where Rob wanted the OP's wife ("Halle") to make him a cake and he would pay for it. Halle agreed and made cupcakes as well for the occasion.

When arriving to the family gathering, Rob jokingly mentioned for Halle to "watch her back."

"While my wife was handling the cake, he came up behind her and poured cold water on her body. This obviously scared her a little and caused her to drop the cake. Rob, got extremely pissed, claiming that she "dropped the cake on purpose." Halle started to apologise for dropping the cake, while soaking wet, but I wasn't having any of it and I admittedly lost my temper a little," they explained.

Ever since snapping at Rob, calling him "irresponsible and irrational," and storming out of the house with the cupcakes, the Redditor got many messages from Rob ranting that he deserved the cupcakes. He then argued the situation would've been fine if "Halle could handle a little cold water."

The Reddit community defended the user in the comments.

"NTA - Umm, your family sucks. Tell Rob that it is obviously his fault that Halle dropped the cake. Pranks are not funny and his idea of pranks are just bullying," u/Forward_Squirrel8879 wrote, receiving the top comment with over 11,000 upvotes.

They continued: "Tell your family that since they seem incapable of treating you and your family with any respect or decency that you will be taking a break from them. Explain that this break will last at least until you and your wife receive a sincere apology from Rob and a promise to cut this s**t out from now on and an acknowledgement from others that Rob's behavior and treatment of your wife in unacceptable."

"Tell your parents this s**ts the reason they don't see your kid. They can't be trusted," u/Eastern_Ad7015 said.

"Yes. Absolutely," u/Jhilixie replied. "Self proclaimed jokesters are just mean people hiding behind 'prankster' mask"

U/lejosdecasa commented, "NTA. Is your brother 6? He sounds exhausting and very unpleasant. Mind, so does the rest of your family.Your wife sounds a saint. Oh, and self-proclaimed 'jokesters' or 'pranksters' are usually just bullies. Your brother sure is."

"NTA. How is your brother this ignorant? It's his fault the cake was destroyed and the cupcakes came free of charge so you have every right to take them. Distance yourself more from your toxic family OP," u/Princess_Kitten45 said.