Internet Backs Woman Who Called Sibling a 'Mama's Boy': 'Truth Hurts'

The Internet is in full support of a woman who defended her sister-in-law to her own brother, calling him a "mama's boy."

Your brother sucks....glad she has you...
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The situation was recounted in a now-viral Reddit post titled, "AITA for calling my brother a mama's boy and refusing to apologize for ruining his birthday?" The post, shared to the subreddit "Am I the A**hole," has received 15,000 upvotes and over a thousand comments since it was posted on March 16.

According to a poll by OnePoll and commissioned by NOW encompassing 2,000 adults that have at least one sibling, 51 percent of them have a relationship considered "competitive." In addition, 17 percent say there has been rivalry with their siblings throughout their lives.

The study also found siblings tend to argue around twice a month over things like politics or television programs. One-third revealed they've even ceased talking to a sibling for a time over a disagreement.

User @throwar5567753, who has been proclaimed the one not at fault by the majority of commenters, revealed she's a 29-year-old woman with a 26-year-old brother who is living with his wife at his mom's house.

For context, the original poster (OP) revealed her mother gets involved in her brother and sister-in-law's (SIL) marriage on a regular basis, and her brother allows it. The OP's brother's wife constantly complains about her mother-in-law "steamrolling her decisions and violating her privacy."

But once the original poster's (OP) sister-in-law became pregnant, her mom got worse, and she even bought an entire nursery, putting it in her own room when the expectant mother had one in her room already.

There's also an issue over the mother "pushing" to be there in the delivery room when the soon-to-be mom gives birth. The OP's sister-in-law said no to that, but her husband is siding with his mother and promising her things "to keep her happy."

Two siblings arguing
The Internet is backing a woman who called her sibling a "mama's boy." Here, a sister and brother arguing. DEAGREEZ/GETTY

Last week, the OP was at her mother's house in celebration of her brother's birthday. His friends were even over, and they asked why his wife wasn't at the dinner table.

"My brother nonchalantly said that she was just being a princess, acting spoiled and immature over everything," the Redditor said.

The OP was "shocked and hurt" for her sister-in-law, responding to her brother, "actually...she's probably just upset now that she's realized that you're a grade a mama's boy ready to do whatever mom says while ignoring your wife's wishes."

Things became quiet at that point, and her brother's friends just stared. But it wasn't over just yet. He started to argue saying how "disrespectful" she was, and her brother even told her husband to say something.

Things became awkward, and her brother's friends left early. That's when her brother "went off" on her, saying she "embarrassed him" in front of his friends, ruining his birthday dinner. The OP chose to leave because her brother continued yelling. But her mom even called her "demanding" she apologize for the "rude things" she said, but the Redditor refused to do so.

Over a thousand comments came in over the situation, and most people are siding with the OP considering the circumstances. Harsh words were everywhere over the Redditor's brother though.

One comment received over 21,000 upvotes on its own. "NTA [not the a**hole]," a Redditor said. "Glad someone is standing up for SIL. The icing on top is he had mommy call you after he tattled because his feelings were hurt!"

Some saw the humor in the situation while also agreeing with the OP in the situation. "NTA. Sounds like you gave your brother a brief moment of realistic honesty for his birthday," a user wrote. "I can't wait to find out what you get him for Christmas."

Words of support came pouring in for the woman's sister-in-law. "I feel for your SIL, and it's clear you do too," a Redditor expressed. "No surprise your mom is coming to you in defense of him. If he values his marriage, he will move out of your mother's home."

Criticism was in abundance for the OP's brother, and one person even said, "Your brother sucks," adding, "SIL is lucky to at least have someone sane enough in the family to stick up for her. I'm glad she had you OP."

Yet another believes the OP isn't the one in the wrong, and they didn't hold back about their thoughts towards her brother. "NTA, your brother is being an awful husband," the Redditor expressed. "He should definitely be doing what makes his wife comfortable when she delivers their baby."

Numerous people support the OP for what she said to her sibling. "NTA," a user said. "You were honest with him and his friends. Truth hurts sometimes."

Newsweek reached out to u/throwar5567753 for comment.