Internet Backs Woman Dumping Boyfriend Because 'He Can't Cook'

A woman has taken to Reddit after her—now ex—boyfriend messed up her birthday breakfast, and most platform users said she was right for breaking up with him.

In a post shared on Monday, which has so far received over 14,500 upvotes and almost 4600 comments, the woman, who goes by the username u/grumpylemoncurd, explained that her ex was unable able to cook anything—from a simple round of toast to a boiled egg, or even heating leftovers.

According to her post, cooking is not the only skill he's lacking. She was always picking up his dirty clothes and wet towels from the floor, and doing all kinds of home chores as he has no idea how to help.

She further explained that being a mother of two who works over 60 hours a week, she just wanted a relaxed day in bed her birthday with breakfast in bed, but he managed to ruin her day when after two hours of trying and messing up the entire kitchen, he ended up telling his wife he was tired from trying and needed to have a lie down.

"All he had to do was poach a f*****g egg, the rest of it was grilled. Step by step instructions with photos. Even the sauce was premade. Again, it's he who insisted he'd do it. I hardly think it's demanding of me?!" the angry post read.

According to data from Comfyliving published in January, about 36 percent of Americans cook at home on a daily basis. As a result of the pandemic, Americans are cooking 54 percent more and baking 46 percent more than they were before lockdown.

Most users agreed with the mother of two, saying she was right for leaving a man who can't help with anything. One user, LiveOnFive, commented: "Now let's talk about that best friend and why she thinks you should keep wasting time with a manbaby."

And Youcancallmesizzles said: "Girl you really got out of a bad situation. Those types of guys tend to become psychologically abusive and wear you down. AND they tend to cheat... Congratulations on your smart decision and Happy belated birthday :). Enjoy your new year of freedom :)"

Other users pointed out that it's not the lack of culinary skills the real problem, but the lack of interest in seeing his partner happy. PatatietPatata said: "I'm projecting but I'm pretty sure OP would have been grand with a cup of tea and some slightly too burnt toast and butter if her Ex add brought them up after 30 minutes of flailing and telling her the eggs might or might not be on their way. It's the not doing anything on regular days and the not finding his arse with the help of a map and a cookbook that did it."

Other users were really against the idea of an adult not being able to carry out such basic skills.

Bhutos wrote: "To not be able to fry bacon and boil an egg is a level of incompetence I don't think I could procreate with. I would feel bad about myself and what I had been reduced to as a human unless they were absolutely fucking amazing in some way that hasn't been described.. Like all their time researching quantum physics has left no brain cells for picking up washing and boiling an egg."

While some users were really bothered by the ex-boyfriend's lack of skills, other were more bothered by the lack of help for his woman. One user, ganymedecinnamon commented: "As others have said, it would be one thing if he couldn't cook to save his life but at least helped out with other household stuff it wouldn't be so bad. But not even being willing to heat up leftovers for himself?!? Not even bothering to pick up after himself?!? That's a whole other level of weaponized incompetence right there. Your mum is 100% correct in stating that you're way better off without that guy in your life because you have more than enough on your plate as it is."

men feet over broken eggs
Internet backs a woman who left her boyfriend for not being able to cook. A stock image shows a man in socks and a messy kitchen with broken eggs on the floor. Getty Images