Internet Backs Woman Faking COVID To Stop Family Coming for Christmas

A woman took to a popular online forum to share that she is considering faking a positive COVID test to get uninvited family members to leave early—and managed to win over the internet's support.

Posting on the British parenting forum Mumsnet, user glacialseafoam revealed her frustration that both sides of the family had invited themselves over for Christmas Day.

In a post that has received over 100 replies, glacialseafoam asked: "WIBU (would it be unreasonable) to fake a positive COVID test to everybody f***s off?"

It continued: "I don't even know if I'm joking or not at this point I'm so irritated. Both sides of family have invited themselves for hours and hours tomorrow plus dinner (and breakfast, and lunch with seven dogs between them).

"Plus they've come to see the kids tonight to bring Christmas Eve boxes and pajamas etc. I went on an hour-and-a-half dog walk for some space and they were still here.

"Honestly, nobody is enjoyable company and I really can't be a**ed. MIL (mother-in-law) is apparently turning up at 7:30 with her drip of a partner to 'watch the kids open their presents.' She won't leave 'til after dark. She did contribute a cheap sticky toffee pudding and a tin of custard though."

The post continued: "The last thing on Earth I want to do tomorrow is cook for 16 (fussy and uninvited) people. And they all wonder why I don't like Christmas. It's the same every year. Can't tell them to leave us alone for the day or come for an hour or something as would create so much drama.

"We see both sides of the family all of the time, for context. They don't even really like each other. F***'s sake."

Since being shared on Christmas Eve, the post has racked up 120 replies, many of which were supportive of the woman's plan.

One commenter said: "Do it and then next year say you realized when you didn't have to cook and host, how much stress it brings so have decided you will be having a quiet Christmas in future to just enjoy the day."

Another added: "Fake it now and alert everyone. Just think of the silence and stress-free day."

A third commenter posted: "I wouldn't blame you. But you'll still have the same problem next year. I know it's not easy but could you tell them it's too much and you want at least some time with just your immediate family? It's really not unreasonable to ask that visitors [to] at least let you have Christmas morning to yourselves before they descend on you."

The dilemma is similar to another woman who was showered with support online after she shared her frustration that her in-laws had invited themselves a day early before Christmas.

In a post shared on Monday, user Magnoliasstreet said her in-laws were coming over uninvited and won support from her forum fellows.

One commented: "I had this once. It was really annoying. It is incredibly rude to impose yourself on someone without an invitation."

A positive COVID test
In this photo illustration a close-up of a positive COVID-19 lateral flow test can be seen in front of a Christmas tree on December 15, 2021 in Penarth, Wales. The internet threw their support behind the woman on Mumsnet. Matthew Horwood / Contributor/Getty