Woman Told To Dump Husband After Overhearing Him and Mom-in-Law on Vacation

A wife's decision to exit her husband's family vacation was celebrated online, after she revealed all in a popular post.

The woman, posting as throwaway3743p9, took to Subreddit "Am I the A**hole" to ask the internet-old question of who is in the wrong. She explained in a post with over 26,000 votes that she has been married to her husband, who has annual family vacations, for just a short while, meaning she is not "completely comfortable" with them just yet.

"I out of curiosity asked if I could come. My husband felt hesitant but I told him [it would] be a great opportunity to get to know his family better. He agreed to take me and his family were surprised to see me but still welcomed me," she wrote.

Despite things looking up at the beginning of the trip, drama ensued on the third day, when the wife overheard a conversation. She said she heard her mother-in-law ask "did she really have nowhere else to spend the weekend?"

Family vacation
Stock image of a family vacation. A wife's decision to exit her husband's family vacation was celebrated online. Getty Images

The husband was then overheard responding: "I know! And I didn't want to bring her with me but what was I supposed to do? You know how pushy she can get."

"I instantly figured it was about me. I felt so shaken up to the point where I almost dropped the salad. This whole time I was there I cleaned, cooked, looked after the kids and this is how they think of me? An inconvenience to them?" wrote the wife.

"I quietly booked a ticket and went home on the first plane. He called and texted but I didn't respond to anything other than to let him know I was home. He got back and went off on me saying what I did was disrespectful and juvenile.

"I told him that I overheard the conversation he had with his mom but he said that I was wrong for eavesdropping and that his family will warm up to me on their terms so I should stop pushing to be around when they don't feel comfortable with it."

Reddit users were left unanimously voting the wife as "not the a**hole" in this situation, instead citing the husband as a "red flag" for his behavior.

Many were left confused by the family's hesitancy towards the new wife.

"It's like…they're married. She's family. How bizarre is it that she doesn't know them, they don't know her and have zero intentions of doing so. What kind of dynamic is this?" asked one user.

"When they have no kids she isn't supposed to act like family? Do any of the other spouses attend? Like what?" they asked.

"It's not like you've been dating for two weeks, you're married!" added another. "And as I understand, the husband's brothers brought their spouses. How else are you going to get to know the family."

"To be honest, the fact that your husband didn't defend you and was also talking with them behind your back is kind of a red flag."

"So he wants you to stop pushing to be around your family, but when you stop pushing and go home, he still gets angry?" asked one user. "And he's not worried at all about YOUR feelings or YOUR hurt. He's worried about impressions."

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