Internet Backs Sister Who Put Groom on Loud Speaker to Jilted Bride

Reddit is full of stories of cheating spouses, partners with no boundaries, and exes that are just plain terrible. Although most people can see these relationships are doomed from a mile away, it's rare that a friend or family member steps in to save the day—especially at the expense of their own relationships.

After watching her brother "string along" his fiancée for nearly two decades, one Redditor decided to show the woman what he was really like.

Posting to subreddit AmItheA**hole? (or AITA) on Thursday 21 April (view the original post here), user u/Ok-Example6948 asked: "AITA for putting a private conversation on loud speaker which cost my brother his 18 year relationship."?

In her post, she shared that her family had disowned her after she put a private conversation with her brother "Ben" on speakerphone — while his fiancée "Abby" was in the room. The user explained that her actions were spurred by her brother's treatment of his fiancée. During their 18-year relationship, Ben had promised to wed Abby more than once, but so far had failed to come through.

She wrote: "They've been engaged 8 years they've nearly gotten married 3 years ago but months before the wedding Ben chickened out.

"They went to therapy and basically because our dad left us he has issues with commitment.

"We thought over the last year he was finally gonna step up for Abby and be the partner she deserves.

"He did seem a bit anxious leading up to the big day but assured everyone he was ok."

Despite working on his "commitment issues" with a therapist, Ben failed to show up to the ceremony, leaving Abby alone at the altar.

She continued: "Everyone tried to calm her down saying it was traffic or he probably had a monster hangover.

"Well an hour passed, than two, than three and than after the four hour mark Abby said f*** she was going back to the hotel call her when he landed."

The family tried and failed to contact Ben, but to no avail. They eventually found him in a bar and tried to convince him to attend the ceremony.

The poster continued: "My sister rang her husband and heard him in the background he was literally acting like a 5 year old who didn't want to go to the doctor."

Sick of her sibling "messing" his bride around, the Redditor decided it was time Abby found out how Ben really felt about her.

They explained: "I walked into Abby's room and told her be quiet than I rang my brother in law put him on loud speaker and asked him what was going on than for him to put Ben on the phone the drunk fool started saying shit like he didn't think she was the one and he is only with her because they've been together to long and he is scared to be alone.

"I let her hear everything I won't lie I felt like a monster when she started crying.

"Abby than grabbed the phone told him he had one hour to get to the church or it was over for good.

"Long story short Ben ended up at the Church 20 minutes later and Abby took off her dress than left the hotel alone."

Ok-Example6948's family blamed her for the split, with everyone disowning her, minus her two sisters.

She concluded her post by writing: "I had to get Abby's maid of honor to collect my suitcase from outside the hotel (mom dumped out when she found out).

"I'm the full blame for ruining their relationship and 98% of my family hates me."

A study by dating site eHarmony discovered that 34 percent of millennials struggle with commitment issues, citing hurt from a past relationship as the cause. Twenty-nine percent said they didn't believe they were able to keep a relationship going long-term, with 10 percent unable to imagine themselves staying with one person forever.

Ok-Example6948's post has been upvoted 15,000 times and received 1,800 comments from users applauding the woman for her actions, as well as for saving Abby from more hurt in the future.

StarlingElixir said: "You did her a favor by having her hear it. You did something no one else ever did for her. The truth to move on.

"Do you honestly think you did wrong by helping her find out the entire unedited truth? To spare who? The same man that has emotionally tortured her for nearly two decades?

"She deserves better!"

Symmetryofzero agreed, writing: "Commitment issues? Bullshit. He's a coward."

Heavn4Me commented: "What she did was the right thing knowing that doing so was going to require a great sacrifice at her expense."

Colleeen added: "She's the hero."

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Bride Hears Groom's Real Feelings on Loudspeaker
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