Internet Backs Woman Who Left Date at Restaurant After Straw Incident

A woman took to Reddit to reveal she abruptly left her boyfriend at an upscale restaurant after he started using three straws, making an "absurd" sound, and the internet is strongly behind her.

The incident was recounted in the subreddit "Am I The A**hole," and it's titled, "AITA for walking out of the restaurant after my boyfriend started drinking his juice with three straws?" The post has been upvoted 8,600 times since being posted on February 27.

The situation was shared by u/Swan-love5477, who said she is a 30-year-old female dating her boyfriend, who is 32. They've been together for a few months, and the original poster (OP) revealed she comes from a "well off background."

Last week, the OP invited her significant other out to an upscale restaurant for dinner, and once there, they sat down to chat. Her boyfriend had some orange juice, asking the waitress to bring two additional straws along with the one he already had.

According to National Geographic, in the United States, an estimate finds 500 million straws are used every day. Another study estimated 8.3 billion plastic straws currently pollute the beaches of the world. However, out of the 8 million tons of plastic in the ocean each year, straws only amount to 0.025 percent of that total.

Once her boyfriend had the extra straws and the server walked away after taking their orders, he put the straws in his glass, and he started to sip using all three straws, which made "an unbelievably absurd and annoying sound."

The OP continued: "I was floored. I asked what he was doing and why. He nonchalantly smug-smiled and said so he could drink faster. I got mad and quite embarrassed 'cause people were literally side-eyeing me since I'm a regular. I told him to stop, but he didn't. I said that I'd leave if he wouldn't, and he made eye contact and kept sipping."

Colorful straws
The internet is backing a woman who left her date at a restaurant after an incident with straws. Here, some colorful straws stacked together. MONRUDEE/GETTY

Things only got worse though. The OP had had it and said she wasn't going to continue being humiliated, grabbing her stuff, leaving the restaurant despite her boyfriend's shouts for her to wait.

Half an hour passed, and the OP's boyfriend was "rage texting" her saying she overreacted and that she keeps ruining "good times worrying about what those 'snobs' think."

The Redditor continued: "Then [he] talked about how ridiculous I was to walk out like that and repeatedly texted about how I should stop being a pretentious snob just because I hang around them, which I found really really offensive. He expected me to apologize for 'making a scene' and walking out like that over something so stupid and harmless."

Although some Redditors had different opinions, the majority took the OP's side on things, suggesting she isn't the a**hole. A lot of people didn't mince words on their opinion of her boyfriend though.

One comment received 15,600 upvotes on its own. "NTA," a Redditor said. "What he was doing was obnoxious, and you asked him to stop. He refused. You told him what the consequences would be if he continued, and he apparently accepted them until you followed through. Dump him, and find an adult to date."

While one Redditor suggested the OP should "consider dating grown men who prefer enjoying good food in a nice place to acting up like a bored child. What was next on the agenda—a farting exhibition?"

One user didn't think it came down to how the OP's boyfriend was drinking his juice. "It's that he was deliberately winding you up and showing zero respect for you when you asked him to stop," the Redditor explained. "Sounds like he was intentionally embarrassing you to force a reaction. And now he's expecting you to apologize?"

A Redditor wondered if the boyfriend in the situation was 12. "He embarrassed you on purpose!" they said. "Thankfully, you have only wasted a few months on this...person. Block him. You can do so much better...And it wouldn't take much!"

Another user thought the boyfriend was "way too old for a stunt like that," adding, "I think the relationship has run its course. I'm sure there's someone out there for you with basic table manners Lol."

A Redditor called the OP's boyfriend a "chump," saying he's 32 and "if he doesn't know by now to not slurp in a restaurant, he never will. This seems like some weird type of negging and boundary pushing."

However, not everyone was on the side of the OP. "Sis, is this about the straws, or about how you point your nose up at people?" a user weighed in.

Newsweek reached out to u/Swan-love5477 for comment.