Internet Backs Woman Who Refused To Pay Kids for Shoveling Her Driveway

The internet has defended a woman who refused to pay the kids who shoveled her driveway without asking first in a new viral post.

In Reddit's well-known forum, "AmITheA**hole," u/beaversm26 shared her interaction she had with some kids from the neighborhood and asked the community if she would be considered the a**hole in the situation. The post has over 15,500 upvotes and 3,300 comments.

She began by explaining that she lives in the midwest and received close to 14 inches of snow. The 26-year-old Redditor also talked about how she doesn't have much experience with kids and doesn't want to have any herself.

As the winter season is in full effect, millions of people in the United States are experiencing major snowstorms that have covered cities with several inches of snow and ice.

While working from home, she heard a knock at the door. Four kids around the age of 12 demanded she pay them $15 each for shoveling her driveway.

"I was really confused because they never knocked to ask if they could shovel my drive way. They just did it without asking and were expecting to be paid," she wrote.

She explained to them that she didn't have any cash, only for one of the kids to pull out his phone with his mother's Venmo information. She told them that she never agreed to pay them for their work. The Redditor was already planning on shoveling her own driveway.

The kids got angry so she ended up just shutting the door. A couple hours later, she received another knock on the door. It was one of the kids' mother who started screaming at the original poster (OP) for not paying them. The mother explained that it was only $60 and it "wasn't going to break her" and how ungrateful she was being. The mother thought since they put in hard work, they deserved compensation. The mother said not paying the kids would turn them to drugs.

"This is where I started to get kind of mad. I said that I never asked for their services, and it was nice that they shoveled my drive way, but I never agreed to pay them and they really should have asked first," she said.

The woman explained that she was getting hate on the NextDoor app, with people calling her a "heartless monster who took advantage of children."

Shoveling Snow
A Redditor took to the "AmITheA**hole" forum to get feedback on a situation she encountered where she refused to pay 4 kids for shoveling her driveway when she didn't ask them. Kristen Prahl/iStock / Getty Images Plus

The "AmITheA**hole" community took to the comment section to defend the OP.

"NTA. Shakedowns are against the law. Fire back on nextdoor if you care about that, but this is a perfectly acceptable hill to die on," u/saintjimmy43 wrote, receiving 25,600 upvotes.

"The way mom was escalating things, I would have threatened trespassing charges for the boys being on your property without permission!" u/alliu23 added.

"People who do things just to be nice don't expect to be paid. Anything else is a scam," u/paintedashley uttered.

"If my kids tried to do that I'd be mad! I certainly wouldn't go bothering the neighbor for money. It's a lesson learned for those kids. Mom needs to teach her kids to stop trying to be manipulative!" u/eyelin said.

"You didn't take advantage of anyone. They tried to take advantage of you. This is a good chance for the kids to learn about boundaries and consent. The parent too," u/tatasz exclaimed.

U/toss_it_out_tomorrow suggested the OP spin their own tale about why the driveway hadn't been shoveled.

"You should just lie to everyone here (the yelling mom and the kids) and tell them that your 'nephew' was promised this job because he needed the money for school and that they robbed both you and him of those earnings. turn the tables," they said.

"This. And while $60 might not break you it absolutely could cut into grocery or rent money for anyone on a limited income or pension. Secondly, had these children slipped and hurt themselves you would have been liable. You never agreed to that liability. Depending on your local laws they trespassed on your property. Looks like these kids learned a valuable lesson," u/TheRestForTheWicked wrote.

"What happens if someone can't afford it? No one knows what others' finances look like or if they are living on a budget," said u/lifewithmyfurbabies.