Internet Blasts Man After He Let Mom Meet Newborn Son Despite Wife's Wishes

A new father faced backlash online after revealing that he went behind his wife's back to introduce his mother to their newborn baby–even after his wife asked him not to.

The anonymous poster u/husbandtroubles9889 took to Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum where they received more than 9,100 votes and close to 6,000 comments from concerned users suggesting his wife was rightfully concerned given how fragile the health of newborns can be, especially amid a pandemic.

While there is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to introducing people to a newborn, experts recommend holding off until both parents feel comfortable.

It is important to remain cautious for the first two months of the newborn's life because they are at higher risk of serious infections.

Since the pandemic, though, visitor safety protocol is more strictly observed. This includes some parents asking individuals about vaccination status before meeting the child, or asking everyone to wear a mask.

Experts also recommend limiting the number of visitors within the first few weeks to avoid possible illness and to ensure the parents have time to prioritize their mental and physical health.

In the post titled "AITA for inviting my mom to see my week old son," the man, 34, explained that his wife, 30, gave birth to their son who is the first child in many years in his family. He said everyone was excited about his birth, his mother in particular.

"She wanted to be there in the delivery room with us but my wife said no so I respected her wishes," the post read. "I said she can meet him when we get home and my wife agreed."

The man explained that there were a few complications during the birth and that his wife was "clearly exhausted."

"In her exhaustion she told me that maybe my mother waiting at the house isn't a good idea and can I ask her to come after couple of weeks," the post read. "I was shocked and hurt. My mother loves my wife and here my wife was trying to intentionally hurt my mother."

He said that although he was hurt, seeing his wife in pain made it feel like she couldn't say no. The man called his mother and said she was "very upset."

A week later, the man started repeatedly asking his wife when his mom could meet their son, but she said just to wait.

"Yesterday my wife went to a doctor's appointment and I was in-charge of taking care of my son," the post read. "Suddenly I got an idea and called my mother who lives nearby."

The man said his mother came over to the house and met his son. He explained that it was an "emotional moment" when she held him for the first time and saw the happiness on her face.

Before his mother left, his wife arrived back home. The man said she got "very angry very fast" but that she waited until his mother left to say anything.

"I have never seen her this angry," the post read. "She told me if she didn't even invite her own mother then I should've understand [sic] that there was a reason. She was especially upset about me doing this behind her back."

The man explained that he said sorry repeatedly but she is still angry. He slept in the guest room and said he doesn't think he did anything a "good son" wouldn't, but that he does feel bad that he hurt his wife.

The post amassed more than 5,900 comments from users officially voting the man "the a**hole" in the situation and defending his wife's decision to rest and ensure everyone is healthy before introducing the family to their son.

"Maybe your wife is worried about germs being spread to her newborn baby in a pandemic?" one user suggested. "Maybe she knows it's not fair now that her own parents haven't met the baby and she doesn't have the energy. Either way, it doesn't matter. You went behind her back. You were dishonest and sneaky."

"Dude, what? YTA. Your wife just brought a whole entire human into existence, she's exhausted," another user said. "She had a traumatic birth, not to mention she just experienced childbirth for the first time...she was not 'intentionally trying to hurt your mother,' you giant mama's boy, she didn't even invite HER OWN mother over. You weren't being a good son, just a bad husband."

"I have had 2 kids. I am due with #3 next month," one user commented. "Let me tell you how I felt afterwards. I felt like I had been hit by a semi truck. Everything hurt. I was swollen all over."

The commenter went on to explain that although they adore their mother-in-law, she did not want her to visit while she was feeling that way. Other users suggested that the man's mother was also being selfish, saying that if she truly cared about his wife she would be patient and wait for her to be ready.

"Here's a tip: if your mom was upset that she didn't get to meet her grandson because your wife wasn't physically/mentally/emotionally ready to accepts guests (or even her own mom), then your mom actually doesn't love your wife!" one comment read.

Newsweek reached out to u/husbandtroubles9889 but did not receive comment in time for publication.

Man Introduces Mom to Baby
A new father was blasted by commenters after revealing in a popular internet forum that he went behind his wife's back to introduce his mother to their newborn. More than 5,900 users flocked to the comments section, many to defend his wife for getting angry. Mongkolchon Akesin/iStock