'New Fear Unlocked': Woman Says Eye Popped Out During Childbirth in Video

A number of things can happen to a person while they are giving birth, and one woman shared what happened to her eye while she was pushing during labor.

Bethany Collins posted the TikTok video to her account @clydestinks69 where it was viewed more than 1 million times and invited commenters to share their shock over this side-effect of her experience going through labor.

"My eye popped out while I was pushing," the text over Collins' video read, which also featured a photo of her face after giving birth, as well as a photo of her with her baby, Phoebe.

In her caption, Collins said her eye went back to where it was before she gave birth after six weeks.

"My doctor said, 'Wow I've never seen this happen before,'" her caption read.

Right as Rain, a branch of UW Medicine published an article about what one can expect during the labor process.

The piece stated that there are generally three stages of labor, and once someone starts pushing, they've entered the second stage of labor.

"Pushing can physically take a lot out of you, especially because it's combined with those still-intense contractions you felt in the first stage of labor," the piece read.

As the baby is pushed out, there may be a burning sensation and tears in the vaginal tissue.

Once the baby's head has crowned, there are typically just a few pushes left to completely push the baby out.

Although the baby is out, there is still work to be done.

In the third stage of labor, the placenta separates from the uterine wall and, within 30 minutes, comes out. This is the afterbirth.

"In the following hours after giving birth, you may also feel your body shaking from the adrenaline and various birth hormones circulating within your body," the piece stated. "This is completely normal and will settle down as your emotions and body do."

Those who watched the TikTok video expressed their surprise upon seeing what happened to Collins when she gave birth, and many wrote about their fears for their own pregnancy and labor.

A woman shared in a viral video that while giving birth, her eye popped out. She said it went back to where it should be about six weeks later. O_Lypa/iStock

"New fear unlocked," a viewer wrote.

"Hi ma'am I'm 6 months pregnant and I need you to keep things like this to urself [sic]," another commented.

One wrote, "This is all the birth control I needed. Thanks."

Some suggested this was the result of over-straining during labor.

"They were probably making you push when you didn't need to, straining too hard," one commenter offered.

A viewer shared their own labor story and what happened to their eye.

"I pushed so hard I popped a blood vessel in my eye so one of my eyes was red instead of white for a month," they wrote.

Newsweek reached out to Bethany Collins for comment.