Mother-in-Law Slammed for Demanding She's There When Son's Wife Gives Birth

Having a grandparent who is willing to help raise a grandchild is a blessing for any overworked parent but one doting grandmother appears to have taken the idea to a bizarre extreme.

Not content with babysitting duties or helping lighten the load when it comes to work around the house, this particular grandma was desperate to be there for the birth of her grandchild.

A post shared to Reddit by the woman's concerned husband has detailed how his wife's extreme approach has not only alienated both their son and his wife but could also spell bad news for her marriage. It has been upvoted over 22,000 times already.

According to the worried grandfather's account of events, his wife has always kept close tabs on her daughter-in-law. However, things recently took a turn for the strange after the mom-in-law "kept insisting on being present in the delivery room" during the birth.

That suggestion was greeted with a "resounding" no from the expectant couple but the grandmother was "having none of it" and even "threatened to barge" into the delivery room if she wasn't invited.

In light of this, the grandfather said his son and heavily pregnant wife were left with little choice but to change hospitals in the hope of throwing her off the scent.

Unfortunately, she discovered the deception and ended up going to the hospital and making a "huge scene."

"It did not end well and my wife came home crying hysterically after getting chewed out by our son and kicked out of the hospital," the grandfather said.

Things have not been resolved since the birth of their grandson either, with the grandmother still barred from meeting the baby in a development that has sent her into a "mental breakdown."

The grandmother has also turned on her husband, branding him "unsupportive and cruel" for going to see the young child without her. Her husband remains unrepentant though, insisting he warned her multiple times that her behavior would land her in trouble.

Sharing his story to social media, the worried granddad explained that his wife has always been "overprotective" of their son but that didn't stop him from being inundated with responses criticizing his wife's behavior. Caligrafiddler expressed concern for the grandma's mental wellbeing, writing "your wife sounds a bit disturbed—at the very least, unable to get out of her own way—and she reaped what she sowed."

BigPZ recommended a more extreme course of action, commenting: "I'd consider a divorce over this to be perfectly honest." However, CrazieIrish thought this was too extreme. "I wouldn't go so far as to say he should seek divorce," they said. "Continue to be honest and straight with her. She needs to stop her bull**** and attempt at reconciliation. But she shouldn't be surprised if the damage is irreparable."

LetThemEatHay felt that while the grandma's actions were "abusive" both her husband and son deserved praise for their handling of the situation. "You raised your son well, because he had his wife's back when she was in a vulnerable position, and you had your wife's back by tell her she was being a jack*** when she needed to hear it," they wrote.

Kathasaurus rejected the idea she was being "overprotective" too. "It's being inappropriately involved in her son's life and being jealous of his wife. She should know that mother and wife aren't the same roles, even though she's acting like they are."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

Though conciliation appears uncertain at this point, the benefits of having grandparents who play an active role in their grandchild's life goes far beyond practical purposes.

Research by Professor Ann Buchanan from the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at Oxford University actually found high levels of grandparental involvement increase the well-being of children.

Over 1,500 children were studied as part of the research with scientists concluding that those who had more grandparental involvement experienced fewer behavioral and emotional problems in their formative years.

They proved particularly beneficial in helping children adjust to changes like the divorce of their parents.

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A pregnant woman appearing concerned.
Stock image of a pregnant woman and her partner. A mother-in-law has earned the ire of the internet after demanding she be present for the birth of her grandchild. chameleonseye/Getty