Internet Horrified Over 'Atrocious' Plan To Name Baby Girl After a Weapon

The internet is up in arms over plans to name a baby girl after a weapon, a rifle, with a very unique spelling.

The name announcement was shared to Reddit's Face Palm forum by user Wow-how-original on Wednesday, where it has already amassed more than 50,000 upvotes.

The post shared a message exchange, a photo of the supposed expectant parents with their faces obscured, and an Instagram caption.

The texts start with someone saying "congrats," before the responder—presumably one of the parents—replies: "Thanks, we are so excited."

They're then quizzed over names, with the mom or dad saying: "I'm pretty sure we are naming her Reighfyl. Pronounced like 'rifle.'" To which the person simply replies "oh."

The Instagram post says: "Congratulations to my brother Jerry & his stepdaughter! They are expecting a beautiful healthy baby girl! I love the name Reighfyl & I can't wait to meet my new new niece."

It's not clear where or when the Instagram post originated from, but numerous Redditors debated the name, as some theorized it must be a prank while others cracked jokes.

Commenting on the post, which can be read here, Dekklin wrote: "I'm fed UP with people naming their kids after dumb things but changing the spelling to seem modern-kitch."

Regoapps joked: "It's awhfyl."

While ProfessorMice suggested: "Châute-conne (pronounced shotgun)."

Agisek commented: "If anyone ever answers 'Oh' to your name choice for your child, you shouldn't be having a child..."

AllPurple asked: "Which brings up another point: How do two people agree on the name Reighfyl? If someone came up to me and suggested naming my daughter that, my only answer would've been 'Maybe we shouldn't do this.'"

While some also questioned the relationship between Jerry and his stepdaughter, as Andysaurus_rex surmised: "I think it's supposed to be like, 'congrats to my bother who is about to be a grandpa, his step daughter is expecting and I can't wait to meet my niece.'"

Agreeing, Larmoyant added: "I think this person is an aunt or uncle type person to the step daughter and they (the poster) are congratulating their brother on becoming a grandfather as well as the step daughter for being pregnant."

And R8iojak87 wrote: "Holy f***! I didn't catch that it ACTUALLY said that until I read your comment! I thought it was just the atrocious name! Oh lord!"

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Newsweek reached out to Wow-how-original for comment.

File photo of girl and a gun.
File photo of girl and a gun. Parents have revealed they're naming their daughter after a rifle, with a different spelling. mdmilliman/Getty Images