'Toweligator': Internet Loves Hotel Housekeeper's Creative Towel Creatures

The internet is full of nightmare hotel experiences, from possible health code violations in the restaurant to hidden rooms under the bed. But this latest guest snap is really scary— scarily adorable, that is.

A Redditor shared their delight at the creativity of their hotel's room service, after walking in to find a crocodile on their bed—constructed entirely from towels.

Posting to subreddit r/Aww on Monday April 18, Reddit user u/Terenpub shared a photo of the cute croc (which can be viewed here), complete with remote control in its jaws.

They said: "On arrival at the hotel room we were quite surprised by the imagination of the room service [OC]."

Fellow Redditors also appreciated the cloth creature, with the post receiving over 18,000 upvotes and nearly 200 comments.

Nakedonmygoat: "That is so cool!"

Masoelcaveman commented: "I want one now."

Wehadababyitsapizza said the creation was a "Toweligator," but one eagle-eyed Redditor informed them it is definitely a crocodile.

"Rounded snout is a gator, pointy snout is a crocodile," they explained.

Some shared their own experiences of hotel staff getting creative.

Olivoliv_25 said: "Got the same on a cruise in Egypt. Next day they made flowers. Real artists."

Its_me_phosphene added: "Same! We had a monkey, crocodile, person, octopus, dog, scorpion, swan, catfish, and my fave an elephant with a guy riding it."

Terenpub explained that the hotel they are staying at is in Egypt, and so far they have come back to a different animal every day.

They commented: "If people like it, then I'll post more. I have more photos of figures from towels from this craftsman."

The user has since shared an update of a slightly terrifying towel sloth, which sadly, wasn't quite as popular — receiving only 120 upvotes.

COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the hospitality and tourism industry. According to a report by the American Hotel & Lodging Association during the early days of the pandemic, 70 percent of hotel employees in the U.S. were furloughed or laid off altogether by the spring of 2020. Nearly two years later, and the association's most recent report shows that hotels are recovering—after losing almost $112 billion in revenue—but the process isn't a smooth one.

That's why it's great to see hotel workers being valued for their efforts. Barmanfred, who works in the industry, recommended Terenpub leave hotel staff a tip to show their appreciation.

They said: "Do them a solid and leave some money behind with a note saying thanks.

"If you don't leave the note, they may think you left the money by mistake and they'll turn it in to the front desk."

For more cute crocodiles, check out this pair cuddling at Florida Zoo. Maximo and Sydney have been a "couple" for decades and can be seen snuggled up in the Crocodile Crossing section of the park.

Newsweek has contacted Terenpub for comment.

Hotel Housekeeping Makes Adorable Towel Animals
A crocodile (left) and a sloth (right) made from towels. Redditors couldn't get enough of these cute towel creations left by an Egyptian hotel's housekeeping. u/Terenpub