Internet Obsessed With Finding Cat Hiding in Kitchen—'Not Sleeping Tonight'

The internet is obsessed with finding a cat hiding in a photo of a kitchen, after a photo went viral online.

A snap of an apartment was shared to Twitter account, Thereisnocat_, last Saturday, where it's since amassed more than 55,000 likes.

The snap shows a kitchen with a fridge, counter tops and cooker, with a saucepan, utensils and foodstuffs scattered across the surfaces. But hiding somewhere in the snapshot of everyday life is a cat, in plain sight.

Owner Damien Alexander, aka @Princelykei, chatted to Newsweek after his photo caused a stir on the social media site.

Alexander, from Michigan, explained his year-and-a-half old cat, Crow, was the expert hide-and-seeker. The owner, who got Crow when he was eight weeks old in 2020, admitted his pet is a "goofy cat."

Numerous people fielded the same incorrect guess on Twitter, with ShadowReaper011 asking: "So is this not it?!?!? It's a kitten sleeping in a bag I swear."

They weren't alone, as @Ms_Maria_Sorrow agreed, saying: "My poor stupid brain thought this was the cat in a bag of plastic HELP!!"

Photo of a kitchen with hidden cat.
Photo of a kitchen with hidden cat. The owner explained he's had Crow since he was eight weeks old, getting him in 2020. Damien Alexander

While Gordy Macdonald wrote: "Shat myself here when I thought it was in the plastic bag on the counter."

Referring to another popular spot, Rob Beatty wrote: "For two minutes I was convinced that the air fryer on the fridge freezer was a cat!!"

While Amber admitted: "I was so confident zooming into the rice cooker."

And Alikidman joked: "I thought it was the air fryer to begin with."

Chatting to Newsweek, and revealing where Crow is hiding, Alexander said: "Me and my roommate were watching some comedy show and heard him jumping onto the counter (which is a habit he picked up about a month ago.)

"I saw him peeking out from on top of the fridge and kind of got a laugh out of it and figured I might get something kind of spooky if I got it with the flash on. We take a lot of pictures of him—he's a really goofy cat. It was taken in our little apartment kitchen from across the counter.

Black cat Crow, from Michigan.
Black cat Crow, from Michigan. Alexander claimed his pet was "goofy," and loves jumping on the kitchen counter. Damien Alexander

"He's a little bit cranky just out and about, but if you sit down with a blanket it's like his kryptonite; he's a big cuddler. He spends most of his time sleeping or finding the highest vantage point, his favorite place aside from the fridge is usually sitting on top of this big egg shaped chair in our living room.

"I got a lot of laughs out of the replies on that post—I never expected so many people to confidently think that our air fryer was the cat. It's also definitely brought attention to how goofy our fridge decor is. We have a lot of silly polaroids and magnet letters and people seem to really like them."

Confirming exactly where Crow is, he added: "He's not too much of a hider, only when he's swiping after ankles, really. He is right next to the rice cooker box!"

The giveaway is two shining lights, Crow's eyes, which suitably freaked people out.

Photo of a kitchen with hidden cat.
Photo of a kitchen with hidden cat. If you're still having trouble spotting Crow, we've circled him in red. Damien Alexander

After spotting the moggy, Spoon joked: "It guards the rice."

Ahmed Dag reckoned: "That's no cat, that's the devil."

Lo Scorbuto simply wrote: "I'm not sleeping tonight."

TameTengu joked: "Remember to always store your demons on top of the fridge."

Dr BC reckoned: "There's actually no cat in this image. The one everyone is pointing to are two bright lights probably from some electrical device Desperate move...."

While Rich Harle wrote: "Immediately looked at the top of the fridge. They love a fridge."

Although Granos thought: "That's not a cat. Your kitchen is just haunted."