Internet Praises Cat Making Perfect Square in Blinds To Peep Through Window

A cat went viral for breaking her owner's bedroom blinds so she could make a perfect tiny square window for herself, even though all other windows in the house had their blinds up.

In a picture shared on Reddit, by the cat's owner, Chrisizeful, which also features a caption saying: "she broke my blinds to make herself a window." The cat can be seen lying by the window ledge, looking outside through the tiny window she made, satisfied with her work.

Cat looking outside
A stock image shows a cat bending some blinds to look outside the window. A cat went viral for cutting a perfect square window out of his owner's blinds to look outside from her favorite spot in the apartment. Getty Images

The post, which was shared on Saturday, has attracted lots of attention by the r/Catloaf community where it was posted, and it has so far reached almost 10,000 upvotes and 143 comments, mostly praising the cat and her hard work.

In further comments, the cat's owner explained that while all the other windows in their house had their blinds up, the one in their room didn't as they don't like to be watched by neighbors while sleeping, but that's unfortunate as it's the cat's favorite's spot, and so she took the matter into her own paws.

According to data published by Petpedia, more than 400 million cats live across the globe, and at least 373 million of them are kept as pets. In the U.S. alone 42.7 households have at least one cat, and it's estimated that roughly 73 million cats in the country are either feral or unowned. Every year about 1.6 million cats get adopted in this country, and 43 percent of cat owners got their cat from a shelter or rescue.

Most users appreciated the cat's efforts and shared their own experiences. One user, Breezyseagull commented referring to the cat: "An entrepreneur." And Jeesuscheesus corrected them: "*entrepurrneur." Kitchenmugs said: "nawwwew she lives there, she needs the perfect view. it's her house! it's the owner that's free loading."

Schnauzerbutt said: "Mine does this. Perfect little squares every time." 2katmew added: "Mine did that too when I had miniblinds. I replaced them with vertical blinds (no chains), so cats can just shove the blinds aside if they're not open." And Beanjamins said: "Mine did this to every single window. I will never financially recover from replacing them."

Manifiestodelirista joked: "Someone has to keep an eye on the neighbors." And Chrisizeful answer: "*squirrels :)"

Another user, ctk9 joked: "Walking around the city I used to wonder what caused people's blinds to break. Then I got a cat..." Meddygon added: "There is no battle where the blinds win the history of cat ownership." Wheniwakup pointed out: "So inconsiderate of you to make her do it. Hopefully she forgives you."

Other users didn't believe the cat was able to operate with such precision. Ismirschlecht said: "I don't believe you." Byroms added: "That looks more like it was cut." Im_Simon_says wrote: "The cat didn't do that."

Salmon-nigiri pointed out: "I'm my neighborhood blinds like that mean drug transactions." And Chrisizeful answered: "It's how she gets her catnip."

Newsweek has reached out to Chrisizeful for comment.

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