Internet Rages As Girlfriend Says 'Yes' to Proposal Only if Ring Is Changed

The internet has slammed a woman who asked her partner for a bigger ring in order to accept her marriage proposal, as a one-carat diamond wasn't enough.

In a post shared on Reddit on Sunday, the woman's partner, who goes by the username u/Ring_off_my_chest explained that before she proposed to her girlfriend, she spent a significant amount of time looking for the most beautiful diamond ring she could afford.

So she ended up buying a 1-carat Asscher solitaire, which her girlfriend turned out not to like because of its small size. Now her girlfriend said she would marry her, but wants her to get a better ring first.

She wrote: "All of the ones she has shown me are bigger and more expensive than I can afford. She said she'll accept my proposal if I give her a different ring and it can be a do-over because she said she was also a little disappointed I proposed at home and didn't do anything special."

Her "nothing special" at home included a recreation of the exact meal her girlfriend cooked them on their second date and a wedding proposal on the balcony with all of her girlfriend's favorite candles around them.

Most users sided with the heartbroken partner, with the top comment saying: "If she's that much of a control freak about a marriage proposal I'd hate to deal with her as a bride(zilla) and life partner. Just sayin'.

"Then again, my husband proposed with a 1/4 carat ring and I wasn't thrilled with him...we were both broke ass college students, he was making minimum wage and the damn thing cost him at least a month's pay! I gave him grief about spending that much money on it after happily putting it on my finger, where it remains almost 19 years later."

Another commented: "F*** that. When she decides she wants to get married she can propose to you then. Sounds ungrateful."

While another user warned: "First it's the ring. Then it's the cars. Then the house. Welcome to becoming a slave to materialism."

A fifth wrote: "[NotTheA**hole]. I guess you'll have to wait on proposing to her again until you can afford her. She's a 100 cow wife it seems. Tell her to f*** off!!! This isn't love."

And a different user suggested: "Yep. I'd give her an option. She can keep the smaller higher quality diamond or you can return it and get her a much larger semiprecious stone in a ring she can customize from Etsy.

"Otherwise, she's going to be waiting until you are well-established in your field and can afford a big, fancy diamond. That will probably be several years. Her choice!"

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A stock image shows a diamond ring. A woman has been slammed by the internet for asking asking girlfriend to buy her bigger engagement ring before accepting proposal as one carat was not enough for her. Getty Images