'That's Just Mean': Internet Reveals Worst April Fools' Pranks They've Seen

People on the internet are getting real about the worst April Fools' pranks they've ever done or that they're experienced in a now-viral Reddit post.

The post, titled, "So, April 1st tomorrow, what's the worst April Fools prank you've either done or had done to you," has been upvoted 11,200 times since it was shared on March 31. Over 3,300 comments have come in over the question posed by Redditor @TheBunganator in the subreddit "Ask Reddit."

A YouGov survey found that 45 percent of respondents found April Fools' pranks amusing. However, 47 percent found them to be annoying. This varied across ages as well, with the largest majority finding the pranks amusing going to the under 30 crowd with 50 percent.

Redditors didn't hold back with their responses to the question. One such user revealed that their mother and her friend would prank each other when the Redditor was little.

However, the pranking ended "when her friend listed my parents' house for sale in the local small-town newspaper, with the footnote: *divorce pending. My mom did not appreciate having to individually explain to practically the entire town that she was not getting a divorce, and her house was not for sale."

Another person used to work in a nursing home. For April Fools' one year, they along with others, took the furniture out of an administrator's office, making it look like a patient's room.

"I'm talking bed, dresser, TV, medical equipment, the works, all along with a patient who was in on it in the bed," they added. "When he came in the next morning, he just about died laughing."

April 1 calendar date
The internet has revealed the worst April Fools' pranks in a viral Reddit post. Here, a wooden block calendar with an April 1 date amidst a pink background with confetti and pom poms. LIUDMILA CHERNETSKA/GETTY

A Redditor recalled a situation that occurred when they were in the second grade. Their teachers got the kids on a school bus, telling them they were going to get pizza.

"We, being like 7 years old, were both stupid and excited," they revealed. "After we were all loaded on the bus and the headcount was done, the teachers told us to quiet down for instructions. Then they both said, "April fools!" and we had to go back to class."

A Redditor commented back saying, "That's just mean."

Another user took to the internet to prank their significant other. "I put a Craigslist ad for 30 yards of free sod and added my boyfriend's number," they said. "His phone rang repeatedly and received texts for ten hours straight Lol."

One Redditor recalled their wife pulled a prank on them when she was six months pregnant, "and called me at work and told me her water had just broke."

Another person's birthday is on April 2, and when they were around 8, their dad told them on April Fools' Day that "President [George] Bush called and said there were no more birthdays, they were illegal. I believed the s**t out of him and cried my eyes out. I still remember it very vividly!"

While a Redditor revealed that their friend duct-taped them to their bed when he was sleeping over, and he snuck out about 5 in the morning.

"I woke up around 8 and couldn't move," they said. "I was stuck there for two hours before my parents woke up to me screaming for them."

Employers were also in on pranking their employees it seems. The CEO of the company a Redditor works for pranked everyone when they sent out an email saying the employees were "expected" to work two more hours a day from then on.

"The email detailed out the average commute time employees saved by converting to work-from-home over the pandemic to justify the allocation of extra work hours," they continued. "Let's just say I wasn't amused."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @TheBunganator for comment.