Internet Shocked by Woman's Dark Family Secret After Taking DNA Test

Commenters were shocked after a user said a DNA test revealed her sister was switched at birth and that her biological father was a convicted rapist who raped her biological mother.

The original poster (OP), or u/trustworthy_expert, wrote about the situation in Reddit's u/tifu subreddit where it received nearly 9,700 upvotes and 600 comments. The post can be found here.

According to the data website YouGov, two in 10 Americans have taken a mail-in DNA test and 27 percent report a close family member has taken a test.

Among these individuals, 36 percent reported being surprised by some of the test results, with one in three individuals learning about relatives they did not previously know.

Woman discovers family secret through DNA test
After taking a DNA test, the woman discovered the people who raised her were not her biological parents because she was switched at birth. AntonioGuillem/iStock

In the post titled "TIFU by using common sense to accidentally uncover a very dark and horrible series of events that lead to me having one less sibling," OP explained that the situation began a year ago when both their mother and grandmother took DNA tests.

"The process, though very dull to me, intrigued my sister, who has always wondered about her biological father," the post read.

OP said that for their sister's entire life, their mother has admitted that there are two men who may be her father. OP's sister decided to take a mail-in DNA test of a different brand due to an online offer.

"When the results arrived, she was disappointed to find that no one in her direct patrilineal line had taken a similar test," the post read. "As it was through a different company, even the results of my mother and grandmother weren't present in her dataset."

OP's mother started to reminisce about her sister's birth, claiming it was a "newsworthy event" since it broke the record for most babies born that day in the small hospital–all of which were girls.

"She told us how a specialist was brought in specifically for my sister's birth, as she was presumed to be dangerously small based on ultrasounds the previous month," the post read. "And yet she was born the second largest baby in the hospital that day. 'Shows what they know!' she said."

During this, OP said they were looking at their sister's and mother's DNA datasets when they realized "something suspicious."

"It's normal for an offspring to occasionally have MORE areas represented than their parent, due to the DNA from their other parent, but my sister had LESS," the post read.

When OP brought this up to the family, they said it was because the results were different because the tests were from two different companies.

Not trusting this, OP googled the likelihood that a person would have zero markers for a specific genetic condition when their parent has one: "'Zero likelihood' Google told me."

OP told their sister who logged back into the website only to discover a newly listed paternal grandparent.

"We asked my mother if this person could be any relation to my sister's two prospective estranged fathers, and she was certain they were not," the post read. "So, we searched the information on the individual listed, and called. This is when we learned about my sister's real father, AND my sister's real mother. She had been switched at birth!"

OP's sister discovered her biological father was a convicted rapist and that her biological mother was one of his victims.

"She had taken home with her at the hospital that day my true biological sister, and in her grief committed a murder-suicide," the post read. "Needless to say, this has come as a shock to everyone. I'm stricken by grief and consternation...and of course, the shock of my true biologic sister being killed by infanticide is an additional trauma."

Nearly 600 users commented on the post, many expressing their shock and others sharing similar experiences.

"Your story just makes me wonder more and more how often these things happen and how many children are not actually living with their own parents," one user commented.

"They almost gave me to another family too," another user commented. "My last name is X and there was my mother whose last name is X and another woman who had the same last name."

"Jesus Christ that twist at the end. Of all the things I expected, that was NOT the one," another commented.

While it is impossible to calculate the total number of babies switched at birth each year in the United States, reports of individuals finding out they were not raised by their biological parents still occur.

In September 2021, the health department in Spain announced that two women were switched at the hospital nearly 20 years ago.

The discovery was made after one of the women took a DNA test which showed that she and her supposed parents did not share the same genetic profile.

In Russia, two mothers discovered their babies were switched at birth nearly 38 years ago, and in July, a Tennessee couple said that shortly after giving birth to their child, a nurse came into the room "panicked" after she brought them the wrong baby.

Newsweek reached out to u/trustworthy_expert for comment.