Internet Slams 'Amateur Comics' Who Made Man Cry in Front of His Date

Online commenters offered encouragement to a man who admitted in a now-viral post that he recently cried in front of a date.

Posting in Reddit's "True Off My Chest" forum under the username u/workoutbrody, the man said he took his date to a stand-up comic event but left in tears because some of the comics made fun of him during their routines. The post has garnered more than 12,000 upvotes and over 1,700 comments from supportive Redditors who slammed the comics for "bullying" the man.

At the beginning of his post, the man said that he likes the woman, but thought he messed up by crying in front of her.

"It was my fourth date with her and I really liked her and enjoyed seeing her but now I'm f**ked," he wrote. "[She] had the idea to go to a stand-up event where different amateur comics came up and did their set."

Stand-up Comedy Gig
Online commenters offered encouragement to a man who said he recently cried in front of a date. The Redditor explained that he was on a date when the incident occurred at a stand-up comedy show. 7713Photography/istock

Unfortunately, three of the five comics picked on the man, making fun of the way he "looked [and] dressed, and constantly made it a point [to say] that the girl [he] was seeing was out of [his] league."

"One asked how much I paid for her to be my date," the man recalled.

"I tried to be good-natured about it. I tried to not let it get to me...[but] I ended up crying by the time the last comic came up and the girl noticed and said that we should leave," the man continued.

After taking his date home, the man said he reached out to her and "apologized" for "ruining the date," but he hasn't gotten a response.

"I'm such a f**king loser," he concluded.

To avoid getting singled out during a stand-up comedy gig, The Guardian said it's best to arrive at the venue early to find a seat near the back, "in the shadows." Speaking to Reader's Digest, comedian Dan Naturman added that those trying to "impress" someone should avoid the front row.

"Don't sit in the front row with a girl you're trying to impress," he said. "It could get awkward when the comedian asks if you're dating and the two of you give different answers."

The Guardian also advised audience members to "keep a low profile," avoid getting up during the set and "be prepared to lie."

"If you are picked on, the performer will probably start by asking you some simple questions as they search for a weakness," the publication said. "Claim to be John the married teacher, aged 34, and they will quickly move on to someone more interesting."

Redditor u/workoutbrody never clarified where he and his date sat during the set. Regardless, many commenters slammed the comedians for "bullying" the man, adding that the man wasn't a "loser" for letting the comedians' jokes bother him.

"I'm sorry but this was not stand-up comedy. This was bullying," wrote u/Jazzlike-Patience557. "Comedy is when jokes are good-natured and makes everyone in the room laugh. When someone's looks are made fun of to the point of tears, that's not comedy."

"You are not a loser. You are a real person with real emotions that was chosen as a target by stand-up comics...They are horrible comics, honestly, because they couldn't come up with anything original," commented u/disappointingsex.

"Sounds like s**t comedians Jesus. That is such a weak and amateur way to get cheap laughs out of people. You are absolutely not a loser," added u/CocayneWayne.

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