Internet Slams 'Bizarre' Mother-in-Law Keeping Used Pregnancy Test

The internet has slammed a woman's husband and mother-in-law after they decided to keep her used pregnancy test despite her discomfort.

The 27-year-old on Reddit, who posted with the account u/throwaway12286547, shared the story on the popular r/AmITheA**hole forum where it has more than 15,000 upvotes and thousands of comments.

She said: "I found out I was pregnant very recently, my husband and his family are beyond happy and excited. From what I heard my husband was married two times before but couldn't have kids for 10 years. This is obviously a huge deal for his family because his mom will be a first-time grandma with this baby."

In their excitement, the family threw a celebration dinner for the newly pregnant woman and her husband. During the meal, she explained that she began talking to his mom about the baby.

Family argument and pregnancy test
A file photo of a woman arguing with her husband and mother-in-law, left, and a stock image of a positive pregnancy test, right. The internet has sided with a woman after her mother-in-law kept her used pregnancy test without her knowledge. JackF/monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images

"She told me about how she already started 'making memories' started having 'keepsakes' of her grandbaby," she wrote. "I felt a bit confused and asked if my husband bought something for the baby and gave it to her. She said no but he did bring her my used pregnancy test and gave it to her to store as a 'memory' of the news of her grandbaby's existence. I was floored."

After the initial shock, she explained that she went off at her husband and mother-in-law, calling what they did "creepy and disgusting and highly violating."

"My husband argued that it was not a huge deal, he just grabbed the test once I got rid of it, put it in a plastic bag, and 'gifted' it to his mom as a 'keepsake,' I told him it made me feel violated and creeped out because that test had my literal pee on it."

Since finding out about the unusual keepsake, the woman shared that her husband started arguing that she had overreacted and ruined his family's joy with the way she behaved.

"He said for him and his mom it's all about the baby but I somehow made this whole thing about me and hurt their feelings in the process," wrote the Redditor. "But that was my literal pee on that test and I just couldn't help but flip out even if it ruined their joy for the news."

From milestone photos to sonogram pictures, keepsakes during pregnancy are not unusual—but few people pass around their used pregnancy tests.

Pregnancy site What To Expect suggests a few keepsakes including pictures, a journal of your feelings, chests and boxes with sentimental items, and even at-home casting kits to create a replica of your baby bump.

For Reddit users, the pregnancy-test keepsake was definitely a step too far and replies overwhelmingly sided with the pregnant woman.

One commenter said: "They said it was about their happiness and the baby but not about you? The one creating life in your womb? You do realize it's a first step to never having a say in your own child's life."

"To do that without your go-ahead is bizarre," wrote another user. "To double down and blame you for being upset is concerning. Decent people would get rid of it and apologize for making you feel that way, not try to make you feel worse."

"First grandbaby after 10 years of waiting? Girl, there's a lot more in store for you. I wish you good luck," said another Redditor.

Another user suggested: "Start laying down hard boundaries now or soon enough momma's boy husband will throw a tantrum about mother-in-law not having a front-row seat and a film crew in the delivery room."

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