Internet Slams Woman Refusing to Meet Boyfriend's Roommate: 'She Can Leave'

In a now-viral post, a New Zealand man said his roommate's girlfriend "refuses" to meet him because he "gives off weird vibes."

Posting in Reddit's "Mildly Infuriating" forum under the username u/SlapChopTheGreat, the man said his roommate's girlfriend comes over "almost every day," but they haven't said more than "hello" to each other. The post has garnered over 56,800 upvotes and thousands of comments slamming the girlfriend's "rude" behavior.

In his post, u/SlapChopTheGreat attached a screenshot of a recent text conversation with his roommate. Per the screenshot, u/SlapChopTheGreat asked his roommate if he could smoke with him and his girlfriend, Liz, to which his roommate said: "Nah, Liz doesn't feel comfortable meeting you."

When u/SlapChopTheGreat asked why that is, his roommate responded: "You give her weird vibes. I don't want to make her feel unwelcome."

Here, a stock image of a man and woman standing back to back. In a now-viral post, a man said his roommate's girlfriend "refuses" to meet him because he "gives off weird vibes." Deagreez/istock

Redditor u/SlapChopTheGreat told his roommate that Liz's refusal to meet him made him "uncomfortable," but his roommate defended Liz.

"She doesn't have to meet you if she doesn't want [to]," he said.

Roommate Etiquette

When interacting with a partner's roommate, life coach Nina Rubin said people should remain "polite and cordial," even if there's tension.

"Maybe your partner and the roomie are very close. Or perhaps your partner doesn't care for them either, but it's a workable situation for them," Rubin told Elite Daily. "It's best to be polite and cordial. If you sleep over often, be sure you clean up your messes and straighten up the spaces that are being used by all of you."

Pricilla Martinez, a life coach, also advised people to "switch up" where they stay to "avoid too many consecutive nights at one place" and to invite their partner's roommate to hang out in common areas so they "won't feel so exiled from their living space."

"Even though you are your partner's guest while in their home, you have to remember their roommate deserves [to feel] comfortable in the space as well," Elite Daily said.

Redditors React

Many Redditors called Liz "rude" and argued that she and her boyfriend should spend more time at her place if she doesn't want to talk to u/SlapChopTheGreat.

"[It's] just downright rude and disrespectful to refuse to meet someone in their own home and spend enough time there [to] make the person dwelling there uncomfortable," u/galaxyveined said. "[Liz] is more than welcome to not come over."

"Maybe your roommate should hang [out] at his girl's place then. Not cool to be made the outsider in your own home," u/Bid-Routine commented.

"If she feels uncomfortable around you then she can stay at home and not come over," u/ADogsWorstFart wrote.

Redditor u/Justin002865 added: "Your place. Do what you want. She can leave."

Newsweek reached out to u/SlapChopTheGreat for comment.

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