Internet Split After 'Federal Employee' Says Partner is Addicted to Weed

A post has gone viral on Reddit after a person, who identified themselves as a "federal employee," shared that their partner is "addicted to weed" and they "hate it." The commenters seemingly agree that the couple should break up, but are split as to why.

The Redditor said that one of the reasons it bothers them, beyond being a federal employee and subject to drug testing, is the fact that up until recently, it was illegal where the couple lives. As of June 2021, 18 states and Washington, D.C., had legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, according to BallotPedia.

Redditor, u/throwaway7264235 wrote about the conflict on the subreddit "Am I The As**ole" in a post that has now been voted on over 11,000 times.

"My partner is a stoner," the Redditor wrote. "He's a daily 3-4 bowl user and he says that's his compromise because if it was up to him he would smoke more."

The Redditor wrote that they did not realize the extent of their partner's habit until they moved in together. Even then, the Redditor said their partner said he would "cut back."

"...which he did for a while but he's continued to increase use since and I'm the [as**ole] when I get upset about it."

Weed joint
A post has gone viral on Reddit after a person shared how their partner's weed addiction is impacting their relationship. Above, a stock image shows a hand holding a weed joint. Tunatura/Getty Images

u/throwaway7264235 said that weed has been the cause of many fights throughout their relationship.

"I'm just [fu**ing] sick of it," the Redditor wrote. "We are supposed to be planning a wedding and a life together and all I can think of is 'is he going to be high at the wedding or sneak off during the reception to go get high with his buddies? What if we have children—will he be high around them too?'"

The Redditor wrote that there are many aspects of their relationship that are "right," but "this one huge thing just keeps being unresolved."

Most commenters didn't see the relationship going well, and suggested cutting ties sooner rather than later, but the reasons why differed.

Some say they're "fundamentally incompatible."

"...He doesn't need to be fixed, but you are trying to fix him because his daily habits don't align with yours. It's really unfair to both of you to stay in this relationship," one commenter wrote.

Though another commenter saw the situation as slightly different.

"If this is such a big part of his life that he won't give up to be with you and you absolutely hate it... end the relationship. You don't have to stay with someone just because you love them. Y'all can be in love and still incompatible. Find people better suited for your lifestyles."

Others still went so far as to blame the poster for her partner's use.

"You sound uptight and a downer, I can see why the guy needs to partake," a user wrote.

By 2019 population estimates, according to BallotPedia numbers, roughly 46 percent of Americans lived in a state (or Washington, D.C.) with legalized recreational marijuana and 71 percent lived in states with legalized medical marijuana.

Late last year Newsweek reported that six states across the US were planning on introducing new measures regarding marijuana usage in 2022.

Newsweek contacted u/throwaway7264235 for comment.