The iPhone 6s Is Coming Next Month: Here Are the Most Important Rumors

iPhone 6 Plus
The iPhone 6 Plus. Is your phone contract ready for the iPhone 6s? Danish Siddiqui/Reuters

The iPhone 6s release date may be Apple's worst-kept secret all year. Every September the company renews its smartphone lineup, drops prices and introduces a new model of the iPhone for consumers. The latest iPhone 6s rumors point to a few key changes to the 2015 model of the classic smartphone. We may not get a drastic design change, like the jump from iPhone 5 to 6, but there are still under-the-hood changes iOS users can look forward to during another one of Cupertino's widely known secrets: the September Apple event.

May the Force Touch Be With You

The most prominent iPhone 6s rumors suggest that the next flagship iOS device will be the next device in line to support Force Touch, the technology that lets your phone "feel" how hard you tap something. The technology was first introduced on the Apple Watch and then brought over to company's latest Macbook.

Apple's touch-screen devices have previously allowed only for tapping and tapping + holding as input gestures from users—in addition to multi-finger gestures like pinch to zoom or four-finger pinch to return home. Force Touch users will be able to tap and push inward to reveal even more options. While the display's glass does not actually move inward, adding more force to each touch will make it feel as if it does. Added options and menu items can present themselves depending on where you choose to Force Touch.

While the inclusion of Force Touch is almost a sure bet in the iPhone 6s, it isn't known exactly how Apple plans on integrating this technology with iOS. While the Apple Watch uses Force Touch for contextual menus, the Macbook lets you press inward for things like changing fast-forward speeds, defining words and file previews

No More Bendgate

The iPhone 6 faced an interesting problem when it was released last September. Owners of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus noticed the device would occasionally bend in their pockets under circumstances where their previous Apple phones did not. YouTube channel Unbox Therapy was one of the most prominent iPhone users to notice the bending issue, later known as Bendgate.

iphone 6s release date rumors
Bendgate (Photo: YouTube/Unbox Therapy)

In the iPhone 6s, rumors point to Apple addressing key weak spots where a bent frame would occur. Leaked photos and video of the 2015 iPhone's body show an area made thicker near the volume buttons—the primary spot where the previous iPhone would lose its shape. Thinner aluminum tends to be more susceptible to bending, so the iPhone 6s might have a slightly thicker body: 1.90 millimeters, up from 1.14.

It's What's on the Inside That Counts

Tradition tells us that Apple improves the internal tech specs of its iPhone devices with every "S" upgrade and gives user a marquee new feature. The iPhone 3GS was much faster compared with the previous iPhone 3G and introduced video recording to iOS. The 4s improved the speed and camera while introducing the digital assistant Siri. The iPhone 5s brought users a fingerprint scanner while improving on what was introduced with the 5. The company's 6s seeks to do the same.

We can't say for sure whether Force Touch will be 2015's "whizbang" new feature headlining the back of the iPhone 6s box. But we can almost be certain that improved specifications are coming to the new phone. Many were disappointed that the iPhone 6 launched with only 1 gigabyte of RAM—a similar amount found in the 5s—but Cupertino will almost certainly double it this time around. The phone's camera is also subject to receiving an upgrade for Apple's fall event.

But what may be the most important upgrade for entry-level users is the amount of storage. When introducing the 6, Apple doubled storage space to 64 gigabytes and 128 GB for the pricier options, but left its cheapest option at 16 GB. And people are not happy about it, so much so that they're suing. Along with giving users more room to stretch their legs, the iPhone 6s may start at 32 GB if only to keep the company out of hot water.

The iPhone 7 and Other Omissions

The iPhone 6s will bring some worthy improvements to Tim Cook and Co.'s smartphone formula. The company will probably throw around the phrase "This is the best iPhone yet," and they'll be right. But Apple will definitely be leaving out a few key features to save for next year.

Despite all the big improvements, we probably won't see a new physical design. If history repeats itself once more, Apple will use the "S" upgrade to bring a visually similar iPhone to market. Those hoping for slimmer bezels on the top and bottom of the handset, or the ambitious addition of a glowing Apple logo, will be out of luck. The majority of changes will be invisible, unless you plan on prying open the device or Cupertino introduces some new colors. Apple Watch Gold, anyone?

And then there are features unrelated to the iPhone 6s design that probably just aren't ready yet. Talk of a service that would have Siri transcribe your voice mail and then text you the results would simply require new software. But the service, dubbed iCloud Voicemail, is not something the company would want to launch before it's fully ready. Many expect the feature to arrive in 2016.

Apple's Eventful Months Ahead

The company keeps a tight lid on all things release-related. But don't be surprised if the iPhone event occurs in September and an iPad event happens the next month. The iPhone 6s and a follow-up to Apple's tablet lines are almost sure bets.

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