Flight Canceled After Plane Crash Photos Sent to Passengers' Phones

A flight from Israel to Turkey was postponed after passengers received an unnerving message, according to reports.

The official radio station of the Israeli army, Galei Zahal, tweeted about the incident that occurred on Tuesday at Ben Gurion Airport.

"A flight from Ben Gurion Airport to Turkey with Turkish Airlines was delayed after 16 passengers got pictures of planes crashing to their mobile phones", the tweet said, according to a translation by Google.

"After reporting to the team, the captain decided to return the plane to the terminal."

Israel's Kan public broadcaster also tweeted about the incident on Twitter on Tuesday.

"Just before departure from Ben Gurion Airport: Passengers on a flight to Turkey received photos of planes crashing [to their mobile phones] and the flight was postponed," the tweet said, according to a translation by Google.

On Twitter, Kan Reshet Bet radio page gave further details of the potential culprit behind the incident.

Israel's Airport Authority spokesman Ofer Lefler gave further details, according to the Twitter post.

"This is not a cyber attack. The source of the videos is inside the plane. All passengers and luggage are being further examined, and the police and other security officials have opened an investigation," the Twitter page said, attributing Lefler.

A report by the Jerusalem Post, also made this claim and said the photos were sent to the passengers' phones using the Air Drop function in apple phones and was not a cyber attack.

The report also said that some passengers were taken from the flight and were questioned. Once the security department confirmed that there was no risk to the passengers, the plane was allowed to take off.

Newsweek has contacted Ben Gurion Airport and Israel Airports Authority for more information about the incident.

Late last month Newsweek also reported on another incident at the Ben Gurion Airport.

Videos of people panicking and scrambling at the airport also went viral on social media.

This panic was caused by an unexploded shell being found in a person's luggage.

The Irish Times Journalist Naomi O'Leary added more details about the incident as she shared the video footage.

"The scene of panic in Israel's Ben Gurion airport after an American family turned up with an unexploded shell in their luggage," she wrote in a caption.

"Which they had found in the Golan Heights and were taking home as a souvenir."

The family was allowed to board their flight after being interrogated by security staff, according to a Reuters report.

An Israeli airline El-Al Boeing 737 aircraft on the tarmac at Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv. A flight was canceled after plane crash photos were sent to passengers’ phones Jack Guez/Getty Imges