What We Know About Israeli Mob 'Lynching' on Live TV

Political leaders including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have condemned an attack by a large group of reportedly far-right nationalists who pulled a man they believed to be Arab from his vehicle and beat him in the street amid ongoing violence between Israel and Gaza.

The incident, which occurred in Bat Yam, a Tel Aviv suburb, was captured live on Israeli Channel 11.

"We're watching a 'lynching' [a Hebrew word used to refer to a vicious assault] in real time," Israeli Channel 11 reporter Daniel Elazar says in Hebrew off-camera, reported The Times of Israel. "There are no police here."

During the attack, a large mob of predominantly Israeli men, many of whom were dressed in black, descended on a vehicle and pulled out the driver because they believe him to be an Arab.

The mob then attacked the driver, with footage showing him being repeatedly punched as he lied motionless on the ground.

Emergency services reportedly took around 15 minutes to arrive at the scene of the attack to assist the man.

Warning: Video contains violence.

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The crowd accused the driver of attempting to run them down as they marched along the street in Bat Yam, according to The Times of Israel. Further footage shows that the driver appears to be trying to escape from the mob as it attacks his vehicle.

"The victim of the lynching is seriously injured but stable," Tel Aviv's Ichilov hospital said in a statement. No further details about the victim have been revealed.

Elsewhere in Bat Yam, a large crowd reportedly targeted Arab-owned businesses, including an ice cream shop, while chanting "Death to Arabs!"

Bat Yam Mayor Tzvika Brot condemned the violence as being committed by "provocateurs who came from outside the city. This is not our way," according to the Jerusalem Post.

In a statement, Netanyahu also spoke out against the "anarchy" that has erupted in Israel amid some of the biggest Jewish-Arab violence seen in the country in several years.

"Nothing justifies this and I will tell you that nothing justifies the lynching of Jews by Arabs and nothing justifies the lynching of Arabs by Jews," Netanyahu said.

"We will not tolerate this. This violence is not us. We will restore administration and governance in Israel's cities everywhere, in all cities, in the Jewish-Arab integrated cities, in Jewish cities, everywhere.

"I do not care if your blood is boiling. You cannot take the law into your own hands. You cannot grab an ordinary Arab citizen and try to lynch him—just as we cannot watch Arab citizens do this to Jewish citizens. This will not happen," he added.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid also decried the "total loss of control," in Israel, with Esawi Frej, an Arab member of parliament with the left-wing Meretz party, tweeting that the country is on the brink of a "civil war."

"Hamas missiles are the least of our problems for a country in which Jewish and Arab rioters take to the street to lynch civilians," Frej added.

(File photo) Israeli security forces walk past damaged vehicles in Holon near Tel Aviv, on May 11, 2021, after rockets were launched towards Israel from the Gaza Strip controlled by the Palestinian Hamas movement. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned an attack by a mob of mostly men who pulled a man they believed to be an Arab from his vehicle and beat him in the street. Getty Images