Italian Man Outraged After American Fiancée Snaps Spaghetti in Hilarious Video

It's generally accepted across the globe that when it comes to food Italians know what they're doing. After all, they're from the nation that brought the world pizza and pasta.

However, with Italy's delicious cuisine comes a set of rules and a sense of pride, which one woman learned the hard way when she innocently broke up uncooked spaghetti in front of her Italian fiancé to make it easier to boil.

In footage posted on TikTok by the account Carloandsarah, Sarah, who is American, can be seen hovering over the hob holding spaghetti.

When her fiancé, whose name is Carlo, instructs her to add a bit more to the pan she then breaks a chunk of the pasta in half.

This hilariously prompts Carlo to shout: "Sarah are you crazy? I have to eat this s**t pasta so short?"

"What do you mean?" says Sarah.

"This is not spaghetti my love come on!" Carlo responds, while storming over to look into the pan.

When Sarah tries to protest that it wouldn't fit in the pan, the man replies: "Why you do this to me? You can't cut the pasta so..."

He then continues: "Go in the pan? My love. You cut the pasta. You know that this is illegal in Italy."

The video is captioned: "did someone say... DRAMA???"


did someone say... DRAMA??? 🤣

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Since being shared on June 30, the clip has gone viral online having been viewed more than 20.4 million times, and surpassing 3.7 million likes and 120,200 shares.

Many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the kitchen scene.

One TikTok user, Marsh, wrote: "Omg, why would you do this to the poor man. I'm not even Italian but I'm hurt too. That was sooooo mean. It is so illegal."

Another person, 1neflame, added: "At least he says "my love" keep him girl, keep him."

Salomon Nunez stated: "The fact that he is actually mad, but still calls you 'my love' shows that he is stud."

Sulekhaiman joked: "hahahaha am dead! how cute... you know its illegal in Italia."

Life in Tatters typed: "Ah he is so bothered yet so respectful. What a gentleman. You can tell he loves you so much."

Shamshoola commented: "Italians really think people care what they think about our cooking."

However, one Italian TikToker named Prelzizz stuck up for Carlo, writing: "That ain't drama, my non-Italian friends, it's the correct reaction."

In another recent video, Carlo also had an adverse reaction to the fact Sarah had ordered a pizza with pineapple on it, which is equally hilarious.

spaghetti in a pan
File photo of spaghetti being cooked in a pan. When an American woman was preparing some pasta for her Italian fiancé she managed to cause some kitchen drama. Getty Images