Ivanka Trump Has Her Own Dog Doppelganger, According To Twitter

First daughter Ivanka Trump has a doppelganger, Twitter users have decided. However, the senior White House adviser's lookalike is not another person, but instead a dog.

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The social media phenomenon was started by a post from Twitter user Francesca, who shared a photo of a dog with brown eyes, a long nose, a ponytail and a studded collar last week, joking that she was an "influencer" on youTube.

In just four days, the post has racked up 300,000 likes and 100,000 retweets. Most were quick to see the resemblance to the president's eldest daughter, who has attracted plenty of criticism since she entered the White House last year without any previous political experience.

"omg Ivanka," one user ommented.

she is an influencer on youtube pic.twitter.com/0zP5aYtfIW

— francesca (@witchpuppy) March 16, 2018

The photo of Trump that bore a particular resemblance to the dog to is one from 2015, in which she wore a ponytail while getting her makeup done before the Met Gala, according to Metro. Although the match wasn't a perfect one—Trump doesn't share the dog's long nose—they both have brown eyes and elongated features.


— matthew katamari (@mpnrd) March 16, 2018

It's unclear what breed the light-haired dog is, although Twitter users speculated that it was a Borzoi or Saluki. While Trump's canine doppelganger is certainly classy, not everyone on Twitter had nice things to say about the president's daughter.

"The dog is prettier and probably smarter," said one. "And definitely has a better pedigree," added another.

Whether Trump has heard about her doppelganger and what she thinks of it is a mystery. As of Tuesday afternoon, she had not tweeted anything about it.

Trump isn't the first public figure to be assigned an animal lookalike.

Rapper Snoop Dogg, perhaps fittingly, apparently looks like two different dogs, while newly re-elected Russian President Vladimir Putin's lookalike has caused a minor sensation. Indeed, Trump isn't even alone in her own family. President Donald Trump has hair that has been compared to that of one particular caterpillar.