James Corden's Exit from 'The Late Late Show' Divides Internet

James Corden has confirmed he's stepping down from The Late Late Show next year, and the people of the internet have shared their reactions to the news—for better and worse.

The actor and talk-show host has confirmed he's extended his contract with CBS for just another year. He took over hosting duties of The Late Late Show in 2015 and his run until 2023 will make it eight years on the air.

In that time the British entertainer produced many memorable and popular segments including "Carpool Karaoke" and "Drop the Mic." Throughout his run Corden has increasingly become the subject of online hate, with alleged stories of his backstage behavior, string of poorly rated movies, and supposed "fake" onscreen persona all mocked on social media.

Here's how the internet reacted to the news that James Corden is stepping down from The Late Late Show.

More Time to Make Movies

While Corden has become a household name in America, he has developed a reputation for starring in bad movies. From Cats to The Emoji Movie to Cinderella, many of the films he's been a part of have received terrible reviews.

Twitter user @Q_Review gained a lot of traction for his initial take. He reminded everyone, "This is NOT good news."

"Think about how many bad movies James Corden made WHILE he had a full time job. A Pandora's box has been unleashing. He'll be spider-man before the decade's out," @Q_Review wrote.

Comedy writer Babs Gray pointed out: "oh great, James Corden has even more time to be in every f****** musical for no f***** reason." Recalling Corden's controversial performance in The Prom, writer Benjamin Siemon said Corden is stepping down "so he can focus on stealing gay roles from actual gay men."

Corden was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his performance as Barry Glickman in The Prom but his portrayal as a gay man was widely criticized by the LGBTQ+ community. Newsweek's Samuel Spencer said Corden was "miscast" in the role.

'Doctor Who' Rumors

The conversation has already progressed to what Corden will do next with his career, with many speculating that he'll be taking over the role of the famous time lord, Doctor Who. Corden appeared as the character Craig Owens in two episodes of Doctor Who in 2010 and 2011.

Jumping onto the speculation, fellow CBS late night host Stephen Colbert mentioned it in his tribute to Corden. After congratulating him on what will be his eight years at CBS, Colbert wrote, "12:30 won't be the same without you. But looking forward to your exciting adventures as the new Doctor Who!"

Corden's predecessor Craig Ferguson also congratulated him in a "spectacular run." He wrote: "Outstanding job! Retirement is awesome. See you at the bingo. Well done my friend. Xx"

Negative Reactions

While some posted tributes, many more went online to voice their brutal opinions of the British performer.

Artist Brandon Bird wrote that there are "no combination of words in the English language is more beautiful than, 'James Corden will leave.'" Bird also believed that Corden's Late Late Show should be replaced with reruns "of Law & Order from the mid-'90s."

Twitter user @RespectIsVital attempted to speak for Corden's native England when he wrote, "Dear America, please don't send James Corden back, we don't mind if you keep him."

British television producer Rob Burley wryly gave his take and wrote: "Well, in difficult times, at least we can comfort ourselves with the knowledge we'll be seeing more of James Corden from now on..."

Meanwhile YouTuber Memeulous thought Corden's departure from The Late Late Show would spark a career renaissance and lead to the public changing their mind about him. "James Corden is gonna have a redemption arc once he's back in the UK mark my words," he wrote.

The Late Late Show with James Corden
James Corden has announced he's stepping down from hosting "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on CBS in 2023. Kevin Winter/Getty Images