Woman Shows Off Japanese Fridge With Amazing Marie Kondo-esque Features

A woman has revealed what a Japanese refrigerator looks like, comparing its features to tidying-up queen Marie Kondo.

A two-door fridge may be a common sight across the country, with the design often referred to as an "American-style fridge freezer" elsewhere, but in Asia you can get up to six doors

Alisa, from Tokyo, regularly shares insights into Japanese life on her TikTok page, @tokyogirl92, including Pokémon vending machines, a hedgehog café and TVs built into cars.

But it's the video of her refrigerator which has attracted a lot of interest, as she showed off its futuristic features.

For a start it has five doors, including a triple-tiered freezer compartment. Alisa talked followers through the appliance, saying: "This is my Japanese fridge. Let me show you what's so special about this. First there is a touchscreen, but I actually never use.

"What's so cool about this fridge is that it is motion sensor activated, and you can open the door from the right and left side.

"There are also many compartments, one is an ice tray blocks, the second we keep our ice cream. The right compartment here has two tiers where we keep our veggies. And lastly the bottom drawer is a freezer box. It has three tiers and we keep all of our frozen goodies."

Despite having a bespoke drawer just for frozen treats, she admitted the main freezer section also houses "a lot of ice cream."

Alisa ended the video, shared in July, saying: "Curious to know if there are any other unique fridges around the world."

She captioned the clip, which can be seen here, "Marie Kondo in a fridge," referencing the Japanese consultant's love of keeping things tidy, with everything in its correct place.

The kitchen accessory has gone down a storm with Americans, who were in awe over the dual opening function.

Rachel commented: "The right and left side girllll do they ship to the U.S.?"

"America is failing," SlimeyPallets said.

Although Ginny asked: "What happens if you touch both sides at the same time?"

Charles the First reckoned: "She's living in 3030."

"What type of black magic science did the engineers of that fridge do to the hinges? Both sides?!" KurapoO raved.

And Alexander Hsieh asked: "Is it possible to buy this in the U.S.?"

Although Andrew Wolf895 joked: "Extremely disappointed that Marie Kondo was not in this fridge."

"I want a Japanese fridge," Imara simply said.

Newsweek reached out to Alisa for comment.

Photo of Marie Kondo in 2019.
Photo of Marie Kondo at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on September 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. A woman is showing off her Japanese fridge online and it's blowing people's minds. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

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