'Jealous' Woman Slammed for Pouring Water on Boyfriend's Female Friend

A man is being applauded online for calling his best buddy's girlfriend a "jealous, vindictive b****," after she poured water on his partner and threw her clothes into a swimming pool.

Posting his story on Reddit's Am I the A****** forum using the handle JanetJamesAITA, the man explained how a fun trip to a beach house turned into a screaming match. Since being shared on July 28, his post has received over 11,000 upvotes and more than 300 comments calling the woman a "bully."

Friendly Influence

A 2016 study published in the journal Personal Relationships found that when it comes to romance, the opinions of family and friends play a big role, even if a couple is unaware of it.

Researchers analyzed the dating patterns of young adults in heterosexual relationships and found a link between the approval of loved ones and relationship satisfaction. Those whose parents and friends liked their partner were more committed, whereas those whose social network disliked their partner were more likely to split.

This could prove problematic for the two couples in the Reddit post.


In the post, the man explained that he and his girlfriend "Nicole" had been together for five years. The couple decided to spend a weekend with his best friend "James" and James' new girlfriend "Janet."

Janet believes that women should be "natural" and has a strong dislike of cosmetic surgery, body jewelry, makeup and tattoos, the man wrote. Nicole, by contrast, is "very glam," has piercings and tattoos, and is open about the fact that she has had a nose job.

Not long after the two couples got to the beach house, Janet began "bullying" Nicole, he wrote.

"I thought it was going to be a fun time and a way to get to know Janet a bit better, since Nicole and James are already great friends.

Girlfriend Pours Water on Boyfriend's Female Friend
A stock photo of a woman's hand holding an empty glass of water that has spilled on the floor. At first, Nicole tried to ignore the comments, until Janet escalated her approach. Cunaplus_M.Faba/iStock/Getty Images Plus

"Nicole was reading a book and lounging in the sun when Janet asked her if she wanted to go for a swim, and Nicole declined because 'she's a terrible swimmer and did not want to ruin her hair.'

"The second part was a joke, but Janet scoffed and muttered something about Nicole being a 'snobby bitch.' Nicole brushed it off."

As the weekend wore on, the situation worsened, with Janet "insulting Nicole about everything" over dinner.

"Nicole would speak and Janet would call her a 'posh, pretentious brat,' he said.

"Or James would laugh at something she said and she would immediately turn to Nicole and say something like, 'Men prefer all-natural women.'

"It made the whole dinner awkward and I asked Janet to stop multiple times."

At first, Nicole laughed off the comments, but eventually she became annoyed and left the table. While Nicole was napping, Janet threw her dresses into the pool to "loosen her up" and poured cold water on her to wake her.

"We left as soon as we could," the man wrote. "James has apologized profusely for her behavior, but I've told him that I wasn't comfortable hanging out with Janet yet."

After the trip, the man ran into James and Janet at a store. James asked him to apologize to Janet for "ruining her good time."

He wrote: "He looked very desperate and I could tell that he really wanted me to apologize. I looked Janet straight in the eye and told her that, 'I'm sorry you're such a jealous, vindictive bitch,' and asked her to leave me alone."

Since that meeting, James has been calling the Redditor and accusing him of being "petty" and "hypocritical."

Other Reddit users praised the man for standing up for his girlfriend, even if many did believe he could have worded his response better.

"Janet is a bully plain and simple," said Jolly_Tooth_7274.

"Sure you could have refrained from name-calling and still conveyed the same message. But I don't think you owe respect or soft language to the woman who threw cold water on your sleeping partner and ruined her clothes."

Blackkatt94 agreed, writing: "My petty a** would be like, 'I'll give you an apology, as soon as you compensate me for the clothing you threw in the pool.'"

Electrical-Date-3951 commented: "Janet is a physical and verbal bully. I have to wonder if her good time was ruined because she no longer had someone to attack and use as a punching bag.

"The fact that [James] didnt step in to try to stop her attacks [and] is still dating this woman reveals a lot about his own character."

Sites such as Reddit and Mumsnet are filled with stories of couples breaking up because of their friends. One teen Redditor recently asked for advice on whether he was wrong to hang out with his girlfriend's enemy, which other users agreed was a huge misstep. Meanwhile, another teen was praised for stepping in to defend her cousin from a bullying "friend."

Newsweek has reached out to JanetJamesAITA for comment.