California Governor's Wife Will Be Called 'First Partner' Instead of 'First Lady' in Nod to Gender Equality

The wife of newly elected California Governor Gavin Newsom, has shed the traditional title of "First Lady."

Filmmaker and activist Jennifer Siebel Newsom updated her Twitter bio Monday to note she is now the "First Partner" of California, according to CBS Los Angeles.

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A prominent feminist voice, Siebel Newsom is well-known for directing 2011's Miss Representation, a documentary that fiercely criticized the often limited portrayals of women in the mainstream media.

The movie also inspired Siebel Newsom's nonprofit, the Representation Project—a campaign organization that aims to inspire "individuals and communities to create a world free of limiting stereotypes and social injustices."

Endorsed by such ambassadors as actress Rosario Dawson, activist Maria Teresa Kumar and CNN host Lisa Ling, the nonprofit counts American Airlines, AT&T California and Comcast among its donors. The Representation Project did not immediately respond to Newsweek's request for comment.

Since making Miss Representation, Siebel Newsom directed The Mask You Live In—a documentary on the concept of masculinity. She is currently producing a third film, The Great American Lie, according to her bio on the Representation Project's website.

Siebel Newsom's husband, Gavin Newsom, was inaugurated as California governor Monday. The Democrat beat his Republican adversary, John H. Cox, in November's election. The Office of the Governor did not immediately respond to Newsweek's request for comment.

His inauguration made headlines around the world when the couple's sleepy son, Dutch, 2, invaded the stage during his father's speech. Family members tried to coax the weary toddler off-stage before Siebel Newsom eventually picked up the child and carried him back into the audience.

The governor made light of the incident on social media, tweeting: "HONORED to have made a cameo at Dutch's inauguration!!" alongside a clip of the incident.

Siebel Newsom called her husband's first day on the job "joyous beyond measure" on Twitter, tweeting: "It is the honor of a lifetime to serve the people of California."

"Gavin-I love you," she added. "I'm so grateful for this journey with you, and I'm already so proud of the way you are using your courageous heart and brilliant mind to lead this great state."

The new governor is known for his progressive policies. He supports such issues as universal health care, same-sex marriage, gun control and cannabis legalization.

A fierce critic of President Donald Trump, Newsom blasted the leader's proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall during his inauguration speech, calling out politicians for leaving children hungry at the border while promising to build a multibillion dollar "wall that should never be built."

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Jennifer Siebel Newsom attends a Planned Parenthood fundraiser on October 6, 2018, in Los Angeles. She has eschewed the title First Lady for First Partner. Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Planned Parenthood