'Jeopardy!' Glitch Shows Contestant's Final Score Before End of Show

Jeopardy! fans were left confused while watching Monday night's installment of the show, when champ Jackie Kelly's final score was briefly flashed up on screen long before the episode came to an end.

As the episode edged past the halfway point, a Daily Double was pulled up in the category "The 1880s," where host Mayim Bialik gave contestants the clue: "Some 300,000 Vietnamese died in the 1881 Haiphong Cyclone on this gulf."

When the screen jumped back to the three contestants as they guessed the correct response, Kelly's score had suddenly jumped from $15,200 to what would be her winning score of $28,801, while competitor Amie Walker's dipped from $4,400 to $1,000 several minutes before viewers would see her place third with $1.

The score of Ryan Guzzo Purcell, a theater director from Seattle, was the only one to have remained the same at $13,200 during the blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment when the monetary totals suddenly went awry.

"Jeopardy!" fans were left confused during Monday night's installment, when the final score of returning champ Jackie Kelly (L) was briefly flashed up on the screen long before the end of the show. The score of Amie Walker (C) also briefly changed in the middle of the episode, while Ryan Guzzo Purcell's (R) remained the same. Jeopardy!/YouTube;/Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

While the gaffe was a fleeting moment, it didn't escape the gaze of eagle-eyed viewers, some of whom took to Twitter to share clips and screenshots of the confusing slip-up.

It also became the subject of a discussion on Reddit, where one user asked: "Anyone notice this oopsie during Double Jeopardy today where they briefly missed Amie's score?"

"What's even weirder is this happened in the middle of double jeopardy and they have Jackie's score incorrectly set as what she ENDED the game with," another viewer wrote in response.

"Yes, this was a reshoot done after the game! I think Mayim may have omitted a word or two reading the clue the first time around, so it was redone after," said another fan of the long-running syndicated quiz show.

The strange occurrences didn't end there, as some viewers on the West Coast wrote on Twitter that their feed showed a portion of the final round in the middle of the game.

"Weird glitch in tonight's airing of 'Jeopardy' here on the West Coast," wrote one viewer. "After the Jeopardy round and ensuing commercials, they showed Final Jeopardy, and then showed what would have been left of Double Jeopardy and then Final Jeopardy again. Very odd..."

Added another: "Why did jeopardy just glitch out, do a really long commercial break, and then skip double jeopardy and do final??!! we have 12 minutes left??!"

While the moments could well have sparked a series of grand conspiracy theories, the initial gaffe was explained at the end of the show.

As the closing credits rolled, a small message popped up on the screen that read: "Due to technical difficulties, a portion of the game was re-created."

Newsweek has contacted a representative of Jeopardy! for comment.

As was previewed during the gaffe, Kelly, a pension calculation developer from Cary, North Carolina, went on to win the episode, with Guzzo Purcell placing second with $27,900 and Walker landing in last position with $1. Kelly is currently a three-day champ with a total of $91,101 in winnings.

The Big Bang Theory star Bialik is sharing Jeopardy! hosting duties for Season 38 with the show's all-time champ Ken Jennings, as fans await the announcement of a new permanent presenter.

Speculation has been sparked that Jennings may well have landed the coveted job, after it was revealed that he was no longer a part of the line-up of ABC quiz show The Chase, which is set to return to screens in May.

"Jeopardy!" glitch
Following the brief glitch, the contestants' scores returned to where they originally were at that point in the game. Jeopardy!/YouTube