Biden Ad Approving Trump's 'Never See Me Again' Comment Watched 15 Million Times

A video in which Joe Biden approves President Donald Trump telling supporters they will never hear from him again if he loses the election has been viewed more than 15 million times on the Democrat's Twitter and Instagram channels.

The clip shows Trump addressing a rally in North Carolina, at which he said: "If I lose to him, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

"I will never speak to you again, you'll never see me again."

It ends with Biden stating: "I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message."

The clip had been viewed 13 million times on Twitter at time of writing, while the Biden campaign's digital director said Sunday it had had more than 2 million views on Instagram, taking it to over 15 million views between the two platforms.

The video was welcomed by anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project with the words "oh hell yea."

It comes as the pair continue to spar over social media, with each looking to gain the upper hand across digital platforms ahead of November.

Trump frequently uses Twitter to criticize his adversaries, having recently used the platform to share a doctored video which made it appear Biden played N.W.A's "F*** Tha Police" at a recent campaign event.

The president has frequently clashed with Twitter, with the site having limited or censored his tweets on several occasions.

Biden lags behind Trump in terms of followers on Twitter, with 9.5 million at time of writing compared to the president's 86.1 million. Both have increased their numbers in the run up to the election, with Trump being shy of 80 million and Biden on around 5.4 million in mid-April.

The COVID-19 crisis has hampered in-person campaign tactics, making social media key political battleground.

In a tweet in May, Rob Flaherty, Biden's digital director, acknowledged the "battle" that would be conducted online. He said: "The boss says this is a battle for the soul of the nation, but it's also a battle for the soul of the internet."

Biden must be authentic and targeted in his approach on social media if he is to capitalize on such platforms, strategists previously told Newsweek.

As the pair fight for social media dominance, Biden leads in most polling ahead of the election.

He is ahead in the majority of national polls, with FiveThirtyEight putting his average advantage at 6.8 points, while he has also taken leads in a number of battleground states.

Newsweek has contacted the Biden and Trump campaigns for further comment on their social media campaigns.

Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 20, 2020. He has welcomed President Donald Trump telling supporters they would never hear from him again if he lost in his bid for reelection. Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images