Joe Biden Takes Aim at Bernie Sanders After South Carolina Primary: 'We Won Big … And We Are Very Much Alive'

Former vice president Joe Biden took aim at rival Bernie Sanders after a strong victory in South Carolina.

The 77-year-old won his first primary contest in three runs for the presidency on Saturday night, defeating Sanders by a margin of almost 30 points and giving his campaign a much-needed boost.

After the race was called, Biden took to the stage in Columbia, South Carolina where he savored the victory and looked ahead to Super Tuesday, when 14 states and American Samoa go to the polls.

"All of you who have been knocked down, counted out, left behind—this is your campaign," Biden said to huge cheers. "Just days ago, the press and the pundits had declared this candidacy dead. Now, thanks to all of you, the heart of the Democratic Party, we've just won and we've won big because of you. And we are very much alive."

Joe Biden
Joe Biden celebrates with his supporters after declaring victory at an election-night rally at the University of South Carolina Volleyball Center on February 29, 2020 in Columbia, South Carolina. Scott Olson/Getty Images

He added, "You launched Bill Clinton, Barack Obama to the presidency, now you launched our candidacy on the path to defeating Donald Trump. This campaign has taken off, so join us."

Biden then urged voters to choose him to give the Democratic Party the best chance of ending Donald Trump's presidency.

"This is the moment to choose the path forward for our party," Biden said. "The decisions Democrats make all across America over the next few days will determine what this party stands for, what we believe and what will get done.

"If Democrats nominate me, I believe we can beat Donald Trump. Keep Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives as Speaker and take back the United States Senate."

In his remarks, Biden also took thinly-veiled shots at Sanders, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination—hinting at the Vermont senator's history as an independent and taking swipes at his campaign's use of the word "revolution."

Biden said, "If Democrats want to nominate someone who will build on Obamacare, not scrap it; take on the NRA and gun manufacturers, not protect them; stand up and give the poor a fighting chance and the middle class get restored, not raise their taxes and keep the promises we make, then join us."

"And if the Democrats want a nominee who's a Democrat. A lifelong Democrat. A proud Democrat. An Obama-Biden Democrat, then join us. We have the option of winning big or losing big, thats the choice."

Biden also claimed that "most Americans don't want the promise of revolution."

"Folks, win big or lose, that's the choice. Most Americans don't want the promise of revolution. They want more than promises. They want results," Biden said.

He added: "Talk is cheap. False promises are deceptive. And talk about revolution and change in anyone's life, we need real changes right now."