John Cena Says RAW Underground is an 'Opportunity' For WWE Superstars

Ahead of the August 3 episode of WWE's Monday Night RAW there was a lot of buzz heading into the show as Shane McMahon was promoted to return for an unknown reason.

That reason turned out to be RAW Underground, a new initiative by the WWE to captivate audiences in its third hour. "What is RAW Underground?" you may be asking yourself. It's a mix of wrestling and mixed martial arts in an undisclosed part of the Performance Center where wrestlers can fight in a rope-less ring.

Think of it as a mix of the movie Fight Club and Josh Barnett's Bloodsport shows.

john cena raw underground thoughts
John Cena gave Newsweek his thoughts on WWE's RAW Underground. WWE

Whatever RAW Underground is supposed to be, it has the wrestling community divided. Some dig the approach, while others feel it's a silly concept that won't last long. But what does 16-time world champion, John Cena feel about the new endeavor?

During an interview to promote the return of his animated series, Dallas and Robo on SyFy, Cena told Newsweek that he sees RAW Underground as an opportunity for the superstars to make it their own.

"[RAW Underground] is an opportunity. I think any paradigm shift, any big announcement, anything in that world that is ever-changing, constantly-pivoting, there is always a search for growth," Cena said. "It's an opportunity, that's exactly what it is. So, I think it needs a little bit of time to find itself. And in all things if it lacks creative definition from the top, I really hope performers embrace the unknown and they define it.

"A great example of that is Steve Austin. Steve Austin wasn't told to be Steve Austin, but he was given a chance to speak and Stone Cold Steve Austin came out of that, and then the power of the WWE sent this dude's personality out to everybody. That's where we get one if not the greatest WWE superstars of all time in Stone Cold Steve Austin. So I see a lot of opportunities like that. You have this newer thing not a lot of people know what all of it is and that is the absolute best for anyone that is going to be in front of the camera because they can define it and they can take advantage of the opportunity."

Following the reveal of RAW Underground, viewers got to see WWE superstars like Erik of the Viking Raiders, Dolph Ziggler and others show some of their hard-hitting, wrestling acumen. By the end of Monday Night RAW, The Hurt Business--MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin--took over the RAW Underground and are now the de facto bosses.

What does it mean for Monday Night RAW and its superstars? We'll have to wait and see when RAW Underground returns this Monday.