Jon Voight Champions Larry Elder to Replace Gavin Newsom: 'Let Us Rid This Horror'

Actor Jon Voight has pleaded for Larry Elder to deliver California from left-wing "horror," and backed the Republican candidate to unseat the Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom.

Eighty-two-year-old Voight, a conservative and Donald Trump supporter, gave the endorsement of Elder in a video uploaded to Twitter on Sunday.

In it, Voight took aim at Newsom's vaccine mandates and "leftist rules that will destroy our young."

"My fellow Americans, we are in a disgusting war of left-wing mentality," the former Midnight Cowboy star said.

"How can we live with our children being exposed to this left? Our Governor Newsom, his demands for shots, how can we be taken down by such wrongdoing against our freedom, our rights as humans, as Americans?

"Let us vote for Elder, Larry Elder. Let us Let our states be saved with truths with the force of God's rules, not leftist rules that will destroy our young."

"I will stand for Elder. I will ask all to vote for this man of dignity, of truths not of powers, not of lies."

Within eight hours, Voight's video endorsement of Elder had been viewed more than 110,000 times and liked more than 10,000 times.

Voight again hit out at Newsom's vaccine mandate in California, a common gripe among Republicans who have said it goes against personal freedoms.

Our freedom @larryelder

— Jon Voight (@jonvoight) September 13, 2021

"Let us bring Elder in to reconstruct our state with integrity, with honor, with truths. Let us rid this horror, Newsom, and let our nation be lifted from this darkness.

"And we the people must understand and see these lies and I want you all to remember our God-given gifts. Our forefathers fought for our freedom of choice. Choice, not for mandatory, to force or control one's beliefs, but to honor one's will—one's free will—without control for freedom, for our American dream."

Conservative radio host Elder has emerged as the Republican frontrunner in the race to unseat Newsom in Tuesday's recall election.

While Elder has been vaccinated against COVID-19, he has publicly opposed Newsom's vaccine mandates and argues that whether to get vaccinated should be a matter of choice for individuals and parents.

His views have added fuel to Newsom's campaign, with the Democrat incumbent declaring at a vaccine event in Oakland on August 31: "There is no more consequential decision to the health and safety of the people of the state of California than voting no on this Republican-backed recall."

Newsom is looking on track to stay in office with polling results published on Friday by the Los Angeles Times and the University of California Berkeley Institute of Government Studies showing 60 percent of voters were likely to favor him.

The incumbent only needs to secure 50 percent of the vote to secure his place in office.

Jon Voight sits during filming for "Candace."
Jon Voight on the set of Candace Owens' TV show "Candace" on June 21, 2021, in Nashville, Tennessee. Voight has publicly backed Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder. Jason Davis/Getty Images