Jordan Peterson Visits Britain's 'Strictest' School, Weeps, Police Called

Controversial Canadian academic Jordan Peterson was allegedly reduced to tears, and the headteacher reported to the police, after he visited what has been dubbed 'Britain's strictest school' on Friday.

Peterson was shown around Michaela Community School, a school in the deprived Wembley suburb of north-west London renowned for its focus on discipline and traditional teaching methods.

His host, Michaela head teacher and education reformer Katharine Birbalsingh, announced the news on Twitter.

She posted two photos on Peterson at the school, one with just herself and the other with a group of students. Birbalsingh wrote: "Look who is at Michaela today!"

The tweet caused quite a stir online, receiving more than 7,400 likes and 464 retweets.

She later added: "Jordan Peterson was so moved by what he was seeing, as our little year 7s zoomed past shouting, 'Morning Miss! Morning Sir!', tears fell."

On Saturday Birbalsingh spoke about the reaction to her tweets, accompanied by another photograph.

She wrote: "I tweeted photos of Jordan Peterson's visit to Michaela. Like this one.

"They reported me to the police for hate crime. Many pleas to Ofsted for an immediate inspection.

"Cries of safeguarding concerns. Demands for my removal as Head. But they deny cancel culture exists."

Pupils starting at Michaela, which takes children aged between 11 and 18, begin with a 'boot camp' where they learn the school rules. These include no talking in the corridors, timed toilet breaks and detention for infractions such as forgetting your pen.

At the school students are required to serve each other lunch, sing the national anthem and recite poetry by such Victorian poets such as William Ernest Henley and Rudyard Kipling.

Despite many of its pupils coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, and nearly half having English as a second language, Michaela was rated 'Outstanding' in the most recent report from Government school inspectorate Ofsted.

Jordan Peterson at The Cambridge Union 2018
Jordan Peterson at The Cambridge Union on November 02, 2018 in Cambridge, U.K. This month the Canadian academic visited Michaela Community School in London. Chris Williamson/GETTY

According to The Sun in 2021 80 percent of Michaela leavers went on to attend a Russell Group university, meaning one of 24 elite U.K. institutions including Oxford and Cambridge.

Birbalsingh first rose to prominence in the U.K. when she addressed the Conservative Party Conference in 2010.

In 2014 she founded Michaela as a free school, meaning it is state funded but not run by the local council, in an old office block.

Peterson is best known for his outspoken attacks on 'woke' culture and left-wing values within the education system.

Speaking in 2017 he told university students that "disciplines like women's studies should be defunded" because "they promote has zero intellectual credibility," according to the Harvard Crimson.

He has also argued universities have been infiltrated by "postmodern neo-Marxists," who are undermining traditional western values.

Earlier this month Mikhaila Peterson, Jordan's daughter, denied her father is the "King of the Incels" after Olivia Wilde admitted she based a character in Don't Worry Darlings on the Canadian clinical psychologist.

In July Peterson was briefly suspended from Twitter after branding the doctor who performed surgery on Elliot Page, the first trans man to appear on the front of Time Magazine, a "criminal physician".

Peterson later said he would "rather die" than delete the tweet.

Michaela Community School has been contacted for comment.