Couple Nurse Stray Blind Kitten Back to Health in Viral Video

A couple's discovery of a kitten in their front drive has gone viral, after they documented their journey to bring it back to health.

Joshua and Jose Francisco have over 400,000 followers on their TikTok account @mr.gardeners, where they show their home renovations. This time they did a renovation of different kinds, transforming a blind stray kitten.

"The other day we found a kitten against our garage and we couldn't find its mother anywhere, so we brought it in," said Joshua Francisco in the video, with footage of the tiny kitten curled up outside.

After bringing the kitten, later named Whiskers, inside, they soon realized there was issues with his sight. When they gave him water, he used his paws to determine the depth because he couldn't see it with his eyes.

"He seemed to be comfortable around us, so we decided to keep him in our garage while we went to the store to get him some food," said Joshua Francisco.

"He didn't seem too sure about it in the beginning, but after a couple of bites, he was a fan," he added, along with footage of Whisker's timidly eating the food from his hand.

"We cleaned up his eyes the best we could for the first night and played with him for a little bit, before we got him settled into bed. The next morning, we went to the vet to get his eyes looked at to see if we can do something to help. They cleaned them so well and they told us that there was an infection that we needed to see if we could fix [in order] to restore his vision," he said.

The couple brought the kitten home along with medications, and an appointment to see an ophthalmologist the next day. "By the next day, he was like a whole new cat," said Joshua Francisco.

"Jose and I stayed on top of his treatments with eye drops every two hours and his antibiotics," he said, adding that they are now settling home with the kitten for the next few weeks.

They confirmed on their TikTok that they have an upcoming appointment this week, in which they will find out if Whiskers requires surgery or not.

In just a day since the video was posted, it's gained over nine million views, and two million likes, with the audience applauding the couple for their kindness.

"Great guys! We need more caring people in this world," wrote one user.

"I would lay down my life for whiskers," joked another.

Newsweek contacted Joshua and Jose Francisco for comment.

Small kitten
Small kitten. A couple's journey looking after a stray kitten has gone viral. Getty Images