Are Restaurants Open on July 4th? McDonald's, Starbucks, Taco Bell and More

That most patriotic of annual holidays, the Fourth of July, and with it comes the chance to engage in all of the most fun American traditions. From attending parades to watching the fireworks and having a cookout, the red, white and blue will color numerous activities across the Fourth.

But what if you're not able to cook, or just simply can't be bothered? Well, Newsweek has rounded up details of some of the most popular food franchises and chains across the U.S., and whether or not they're open on July 4—alongside a little information about the holiday itself.

Otherwise known as Independence Day, the Fourth of July, celebrates the U.S. independence from Britain. On July 4, 1776, the 13 American colonies, which were at war with Great Britain, declared themselves to be independent states and no longer under British rule.

As it is a federal holiday, many companies and major retailers will be closed. This includes popular restaurants and fast-food outlets, so Newsweek looks at the opening plans for some of your favorite chains and franchises below.

A picture of a Taco Bell restaurant
A picture of a Taco Bell restaurant, in New York. July 2021 Spencer Platt

Are restaurants open on the Fourth of July?

  • Applebee's—most restaurants will be open throughout, but we still recommend checking your local branch's opening hours.
  • Bahama Breeze—operating at normal hours throughout.
  • Bob Evans—you can dine in or get take out, it'll be open at normal hours.
  • Domino's—will be working at modified and reduced hours.
  • Dunkin'—quite a few Dunkin' restaurants will be open on the holiday, we recommend checking with your local Dunkin' before leaving the house.
  • IHOP—restaurants will be open and working at regular hours.
  • KFC—most KFC restaurants will be open, however we recommend checking your local one, which you can find here.
  • Metro Diner—operating at normal hours throughout the holiday.
  • McDonald's—most places will be open throughout the holiday, but some won't be, so we recommend checking your local restaurant hours here.
  • Olive Garden—open at normal hours, restaurants will be open for curbside pick-up too, including wine-to-go.
  • Red Lobster—will be operating at regular hours as usual.
  • Starbucks—it varies by location. Check your local restaurant hours here.
  • Subway—will be open and operating at regular hours.
  • Taco Bell—most locations will be open throughout but we recommend checking your local Taco Bell before going.
  • The Cheesecake Factory - operating at normal hours throughout.
  • Yard House - operating at normal hours.

Which restaurants are closed on the Fourth of July?

  • Chick-fil-A—will be closed throughout the federal holiday.