#WeAreWithDaniel Trends As K-pop Star Kang Daniel Takes Career Break Due to Health Issues

K-pop star Kang Daniel is taking a break from his music career following "frequent health problems and anxiety."

The former member of K-pop boy band Wanna One has been undergoing treatment with "psychotherapy and medication" but has also been experiencing "anxiety" while promoting his latest single "Touchin", according to a statement from his management company Konnect, the agency the singer established earlier this year after launching his solo career.

"Kang Daniel is currently being treated with psychotherapy and medication due to depression and panic disorder. While working around his comeback schedule recently, he showed signs of frequent health problems and anxiety," the statement said.

"After careful discussion with the artist, we concluded that it is right for him to take a break in order to be able to carry out any future career activities from a healthier place," the company said.

Concern for the artist among fans has been growing this week after he posted a series of messages on a fan forum (including one where he pleads: "Someone. Please save me.") revealing "how everything is really too difficult" and "too much" and how tired he is of the backlash he claimed to be receiving, Allkpop reports.

"Ever since I was a part of a group
I endured every unjust situations and all kinds of rumors. Even this year, and even just last week, I have been enduring it all and keeping to myself. But I'm really just so tired.
I'm really having a difficult time," Kang wrote.

"It's too much. I'm so tried.
How. How can it be this hard? It's just been so difficult. Someone. Please save me.

"...How the music and performances that I love are being treated like trash, how the fans that I treasured are being ridiculed, how my family is getting cursed out instead of me, how it's suddenly become a crime to say that they like me, just everything is really too difficult. The fact that I am me is too difficult," he added.

The artist's scheduled recording this Wednesday for the Korean music program Show Champion has also been canceled "in order to ensure the artist's health and safety," with the company stating "sufficient rest and stability are the first priority," while it added that any future promotional activities around his latest single will be difficult for Kang and "not easy to digest," according to the statement.

"We reiterate our deep commitment to protecting our artists as a company and to make sure we are fully committed to doing it," the company added.

Kang was reported to be "regaining stability" while being looked after by his family and company employees, according Konnect which also warned the public to "refrain from making any unreasonable assumptions or misunderstandings regarding the health and activities of Kang Daniel."

Fans of the singer have taken to social media to express their support for Kang's decision to take a break using the hashtag #WeAreWithDaniel, which has been trending on Twitter.

"Daniel ur health is the top priority rn, nothing else. Rest & I hope you don't put pressure on urself on coming back to us fast. We will be waiting. And if one day u say u don't want to be an idol anymore, it's okay i will support ur decision. #WeAreWithDaniel #강다니엘_사랑해 [Kang Daniel_loveyou]," wrote @spideyniel1210.

"Our Beautiful ANGEL. You are so strong. Take a break from now and Heal yourself first. We will wait for you with open arms and cheer the loudest when you finally return. You are an IMPORTANT person and LOVED by Millions. Always remember that. #강다니엘_사랑해 #WeAreWithDaniel," wrote @smile_like_Niel.

"Take all the awards, trophy, all titles you want to claim. Take everything you want but not Daniel, not his happiness, not his health and not his beloved stage. We just want a happy and healthy Daniel. That's the only thing matters. @danielk_konnect," wrote @KD10121.

"#KangDaniel take a rest & we'll wait for you. Whatever your decisions are we'll support you. You'd been working hard like you promised. You gave us more than enough. Pls take care... #WeAreWithDaniel #강다니엘_사랑해 @danielk_konnect," wrote @pinkdthess123.

Last month, Choi Seung-chol, from the K-pop band Seventeen, also announced he was taking a break from his career due to health issues including symptoms of anxiety.

Kang Daniel K-pop Busan South Korea 2019
Kang Daniel attends the Photocall for 'CALVIN KLEIN JEANS' 50th Anniversary CK50 Pop-Up Store Open on October 05, 2019 in Busan, South Korea. Getty Images

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