#Levanter1stWin Trends As K-pop Group Stray Kids Marks First Win for New Single 'Levanter'

K-pop group Stray Kids have scored their first win for the new single "Levanter," which was released earlier this month, taking the first place slot on a Korean music television show this week.

The boy band bagged first place on M Countdown, a weekly Korean music ranking TV program which is available for live-streaming internationally on its website. The first place ranking is said to be the group's second win on a music show since their debut in 2017.

"Levanter" is the title track of the group's new album Clé: Levanter, the final installment from their Clé series which also includes Clé 1: MIROH and Clé 2: Yellow Wood. The song was unveiled earlier this month along with a new music video, both of which received much praise from fans.

Fans have also taken to social media to congratulate Stray Kids on their latest win using the hashtag #Levanter1stWin, which has been trending on Twitter.

"Congratulations to straykids and all of stays we did it!! thanks to everyone who worked hard voting for the boys and a special thank you to stray kids for their great music, their precious hard work and for always making us happy #Levanter1stWin," wrote @hyunjinluvsu.

"No literally words can describe how proud i am to Stray Kids. They deserve this win so much and this another win? I hope this will serve as each stay's motivation to Vote Stray Kids in every voting cite they are nominated in. #Levanter1stWin @Stray_Kids," wrote @HyunjinInfinity.

"im the happiest ever that these boys could get their second 1st win with an amazing song such as levanter,, they rly deserved it #Levanter1stwin,"wrote @kthlino.

Some fans felt extra sentimental about the latest win, noting how it coincides with the day the band's management company, JYP Entertainment, first announced the group would be making its debut as a 9-piece band.

The group now consists of 8 people following former member Woojin's exit due to "personal circumstances," which was announced in a statement by JYP in October.

"Today's the anniversary of when they were announced to debut as nine members and this marks Stray Kids 2nd Win Music Show, i'm so proud of you SKZ y'all have come so far #StrayKids2ndWin #Levanter1stWin," wrote @StrayKidsStay.

"#straykids2ndwin #Levanter1stWin Congratulation!!!! Its been 2 years since JYP said that Stray Kids will debut as 9 and at the same day two years later they got their 2nd win. I am so proud of you @Stray_Kids," wrote @KimZeyla.

"IM CRYIN IM CRYIN IM CRYIN it's as if the universe really listened to us and gave them another achievement on the same day the debuted as nine members #Levanter1stWin," wrote @hwangpusoko.

Last month, Stray Kids released the group's first-ever OST (original soundtrack) song for a Korean television drama series. The song titled "끝나지않을이야기"—which translates to "The Story That Will Not End" in English—featured on the soundtrack of a Korean television drama series titled in English as Extraordinary You.

The K-pop group's eight-city U.S. tour kicks off on January 29 in New York City, performing in Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, San Jose (California) and Phoenix before culminating in Los Angeles on February 16.

Stray Kids K-pop boy band Seoul
Boy band Stray Kids performs on stage during the 8th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards on January 23, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. Getty Images