Kanye the 880lbs Alligator Moved to Isolation Due to 'Aggressive' Behavior

Kanye West, the rapper who recently changed his name to Ye, has an unusual namesake at an Australian zoo who has been causing a lot of problems lately.

The large American alligator has been displaying very aggressive behavior toward the other 54 alligators and even charging at zoo keepers at the Australian Reptile Park in New South Wales during this year's mating season.

As a result, he has been put into isolation until he calms down.

A video of Kanye being captured was shared to Facebook and has so far received a staggering 31,000 views.

In the clip, which can be watched here, you can see a group of men throwing a rope around his jaw and then pulling him to the shore.

The keepers then pile on top of him and tape up his mouth, before transporting him to his new temporary home.

Tim Faulkner, the director at the Australian Reptile Park, explained that the 880lbs animal was making the "other alligators very tense.

"He's a young bloke, full of testosterone and he's raising havoc right now, so the best thing to do is to send him to the naughty corner for some quiet time out.

"American alligators have one of the strongest jaw pressures of any animal and one bite can be life-threatening, so our amazing team had to take extreme care during the removal."

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Removing the 4-meter-long reptile was no easy job, and it took over a dozen staff members to locate and catch him in the lagoon.

The plan is to keep the animal there for a month or so and release him back in with the others once peak breeding season has stopped and his hormone levels have decreased.

Faulkner added: "Ours is normally a very quiet lagoon, with no major altercations taking place. We even saw this earlier this year when we added the additional 20 males to our lagoon.

"However, Kanye has come out of hibernation explosive, therefore, a danger to himself, to the other alligators and staff."

It's currently spring in Australia, which accounts for the reptiles being in mating season. In the U.S. that period begins in April and during this time alligators do become more aggressive.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the "warmer spring weather means alligators are more active and visible.

"The rise in temperature jump starts their metabolism and they start seeking prey such as fish, snakes, turtles, small mammals, and birds."

Despite the fact that "alligator bite incidents resulting in serious injury are rare, it's important to take precautions."

Precautions including not feeding the large reptiles, keeping pets on a leash and keeping your distance from large bodies of water.

Kanye the alligator
Kanye the alligator had to be removed from the lagoon at Australian Reptile Park due to his aggressive behavior. Australian Reptile Park