Katrina Pierson Mulls House Run, Urges GOP to Remove State Lawmakers Who Certified Biden Win

Katrina Pierson, former presidential campaign spokesperson for Donald Trump, said Republicans must fight within their states to regain power and must remove any legislators who certified President Joe Biden's election win.

Pierson said Sunday she's mulling a run to fill Texas' 6th Congressional District House seat, which was left vacant on February 7 after the death of sitting GOP Representative Ron Wright. Earlier this month, Wright died from COVID complications. Pierson, an outspoken believer that the November election was "stolen" by Biden and Democrats, told Breitbart News that conservatives must focus on consolidation of state-level power. Asked about the future of the "conservative movement" now that Democrats have taken "complete control" of Washington, Pierson said her party must ensure no state legislators will certify similar federal election results in the future.

Pierson accused state election officials of willfully refusing to investigate Trump's "widespread voter fraud" claims and said American voters should "push the button for recall" on any legislator who certified the last election.

Pierson blasted state legislators in Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin for not using recall statute powers to remove elected officials like Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. The Republican was pressured by Trump to "find" votes to overturn Biden's election win in the state. Pierson said Raffensperger is just one of many state officials whom Republicans must oust.

"The only way to fight back is the way most people should have been fighting and that is within your state," Pierson said, suggesting that conservatives can erode Democratic Party gains on the federal level by amassing state assembly power. "States have the ultimate authority here, and I think for so long conservatives have fallen into the same trap as the left has for a very long time, and that's looking for federal support when the power is actually in the states."

Pierson and Breitbart News Sunday host Matthew Boyle agreed with GOP officials like Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill who are pushing state legislatures for "election integrity" reforms. Both said they support a ban on private funding going to election offices and cited Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg "pouring" $400 million into local election offices to help with voting setbacks amid the pandemic. For comparison, the U.S. Congress in March allocated the same amount of funding nationwide to help election offices deal with the added pressures of pandemic voting.

"What we need to do from here is to go back to the basics, exercise our rights as citizens in our states and make sure that we have legislators who aren't going to certify elections when we have people like Mark Zuckerberg pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into an election," Pierson said.

She appeared to cite a debunked claim that Michigan election officials covered up information having been "stolen" from voting precincts.

"The question isn't, 'Do you really believe Donald Trump won the election?' The question should be, 'Do you believe that Joe Biden would have won the election if all of the laws AND rules weren't changed in the 25th hour?' That determines the perception of legitimacy," Pierson tweeted the day after the January 6 Capitol attacks.

The prominent Texas Tea Party activist unsuccessfully ran for incumbent GOP Rep. Pete Sessions' seat in the 2014 election. But she says people are approaching her to run for Wright's Dallas-area House seat despite reports that his widow, Susan Wright, is also considering to run in the upcoming special election to fill the vacancy.

"You're putting me on the spot. Look, Ron Wright was a patriot, he was somebody who stood strong with President Trump...I have been approached to maybe consider this race, but out of respect for his widow, I'm going to wait. He just had his funeral yesterday. He was a champion and was working for the people of North Texas. If I come to the idea that I could pick up his mantle and lead...we'll see. I'll leave it at that."

Newsweek reached out to Pierson's Dallas-based consultancy group for additional remarks Monday afternoon.

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Katrina Pierson (right) attends a Trump campaign event on September 16, 2016 in Washington, D.C. MARK WILSON / Staff/Getty Images