Katy Perry Has Strong Words for Putin in Viral Video Seen 659K Times

International pop star Katy Perry, known for her hit songs "Firework" and "Dark Horse," had some strong words for Russia's President Vladimir Putin at one of her recent concerts and it has gone viral on social media.

The recent comments come from the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine that continues to befall citizens of both countries. Beginning on February 24th, the Russian military began its attack on the country on Ukraine, causing harm and damage to Ukrainians and the environment. The news of the war struck outrage around the world, causing many protests. These protests against the war on Ukraine have been happening in many countries including Russia, Germany, the United States, England, and Japan.

In a recent viral video posted to Tiktok by @demiperry05, the concert video has been making the rounds on the social media platform. At one of Perry's recent Las Vegas residency shows, Perry yelled into the microphone, "F**k Putin" as she stood with the people of Ukraine. While singing "Not The End of the World," a song featured on Perry's 6th studio album Smile, she said the statement caused the crowd to cheer. The video has been seen over 659,000 times with over 71,000 likes and 700 comments.

The pop singer's Las Vegas residency, Play, began in late December at the Theater at Resorts World Las Vegas. The show went on a break and has now returned. Throughout the concert spectacular, Perry sings her greatest hits including "Chained To The Rhythm," "California Gurls," "Hot N Cold," "Daisies," "I Kissed A Girl," "Part Of Me," and "Roar." The concert contains unique costumes and out-of-the-box props including a talking mask. Tour tickets are available until mid-August.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Perry took viewers behind the scenes of her show.

"A lot of my shows have been figuratively larger than life but I play a doll in this show so everything is like three times the size as me," she explained. "We know what our audience is. People are here to have fun, people are here to let loose."

Perry is the 25th most listened to artist on Spotify with over 44 million monthly listeners and most of her hit songs over 100 million streams. She has 9 number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 including "Firework," "California Girls," E.T.," and "Roar."

Many other celebrities have spoken out on what's happening in Ukraine including Ashton Kutcher, Stephen King, Sean Penn, Ryan Reynolds, Bella Hadid, Angelina Jolie, and Hayden Panettiere.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry said "F**k Putin" after performing "Not The End of the World" at one of her Las Vegas residency shows. Daniel Pockett/Getty Images