Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Reveals She's Now on Good Terms With Her Mother

Kellyanne Conway's daughter, Claudia Conway, has stated that her relationship with her mother is on the mend—months after speaking out against her.

Claudia Conway, 16, made headlines during the time that her mother worked as a counselor to former President Donald Trump, when she publicly lambasted Kellyanne Conway personally and politically.

After Claudia Conway announced on Twitter in August 2020 that she was "officially pushing for emancipation" from her parents, things came to a head in January, when Claudia Conway accused her mother of posting a topless picture of her via Twitter's Fleets feature.

Also in January, Claudia Conway accused her mother, who by then had stepped down from her position in Trump's administration, of physical and verbal abuse.

However, in a series of videos released on TikTok this week, Claudia Conway—whose father is George Conway, a founding member of The Lincoln Project—has insisted that everything between herself and her mother is moving in a positive direction.

She said: "I know it's not really anyone's business, but I kind of made it everyone's business—not intentionally. I was seeking help earlier this year, last year, because I was in a state where I didn't know what to do.

"I know a lot of people are confused about my situation, but I am happy and I'm safe, and my relationship with my mom is actually really good right now.

"She's getting the guidance she needs, I got the guidance I needed, we got the guidance we needed together. And it's all about breaking that cycle. So, we are living proof that you can break that cycle."

Explaining in the videos that she wasn't with Kellyanne Conway at the time, but that they had just spoken with one another on the phone, Claudia Conway said of her mother: "She's been through things—traumas I can't even fathom.

"But she worked through them, she healed those traumas, and I'm proud of her. I literally just got off the phone with her, I love her, and that's it, really. Things are much better."


time teaches you growth and maturity and i am extremely grateful we are better

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Claudia Conway also rejected speculation that she was forced to make her statement.

"No, it was not a publicity stunt," she added. "Yes, I was in an unsafe place. Yes, we are better now and I'm safe and our relationship is great. A lot of people think I'm being forced to say these things. I'm not."

"Everything was not a publicity stunt. It was not for attention. It was not for clout," she insisted. "It was simply to raise awareness."

Despite their ups and downs, Kellyanne Conway was seen supporting her daughter as she was shown competing on American Idol in February.

Days after accusing her mother of leaking the posting a topless picture of her in January, Claudia—who is one of four Conway children, including her twin brother George IV—urged her followers on TikTok to "stop calling authorities," per Variety.

Announcing that she and her mother would be "taking a break from social media" and would work on their relationship, Claudia Conway said said that those who were making threats against her were also exposing her family to danger.

"I know that my mom would never, ever post anything to hurt me like that intentionally, and I do believe she was hacked," Claudia Conway said in the TikTok videos, one of which her father shared a link to on Twitter.

For his part, conservative lawyer George Conway has been known for frequently criticizing Trump during his wife's time in the former president's administration.

In turn, Trump wrote on his since suspended Twitter account in March 2019: "George Conway, often referred to as Mr. Kellyanne Conway by those who know him, is VERY jealous of his wife's success & angry that I, with her help, didn't give him the job he so desperately wanted. I barely know him but just take a look, a stone cold LOSER & husband from hell!"

Kellyanne Conway and her daughter Claudia
Kellyanne Conway's (L) daughter, Claudia Conway (R), has stated in a new TikTok video that her relationship with her mother has greatly improved, following a string of controversies. ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images/Claudia Conway/TikTok

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