Kellyanne Conway's Husband Retweets Polls Showing Trump's Approval Rating Dropping

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway's husband George has once again taken to social media to disparage President Donald Trump—sharing a series of polls that show the Republican with a low approval rating.

Lawyer George Conway retweeted a number of posts about President Trump, one of which observed that former President Barack Obama had a 46 percent approval rating at the same point during his presidency in 2010, yet his party "still got creamed" at the November midterms.

"At this point in 2010, Obama was 46% approval 47% disapproval (Gallup) and his party still got creamed at the polls in November," the tweet, from CNBC reporter Christina Wilkie said.

Another tweet shared by Conway observed that a Quinnipiac poll showed that just 41 percent of Americans believed that Trump was "fit to serve" as president, compared with the 55 percent of respondents who did not believe Trump was fit to be in power.

"Is President Trump fit to serve as president? 55% of Americans say no, according to this new Q poll. Only 41% say he yes, he is fit," CNN reporter Brian Stelter wrote in the tweet shared by Conway, citing the recent poll.

His tweets come shortly after he took a dig at the president by retweeting a message suggesting he had abused his power by attacking the Justice Department and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"What's remarkable about Trump's attack on Sessions re GOP congressmen is that, like similar episodes, (a) he openly abuses his office, (b) his abuse is verbal, not operational, (c) he's ineffective in executing his corrupts aims, (d) his openness is one key to his ineffectiveness," the tweet from Harvard law professor Jack Goldsmith, shared by Conway, said.

And Conway also shared the controversial op-ed published in The New York Times by an anonymous official that was entitled: I am part of the resistance inside the Trump administration.

Kellyanne Conway has previously spoken about her husband's use of social media to criticize the president, telling The Washington Post previously that some of his messages were "disrespectful."

"I feel there's a part of him that thinks I chose Donald Trump over him," she told the Post of her husband. "Which is ridiculous. One is my work and one is my marriage."

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