Is Kellyanne Conway's Husband Trying to Get His Wife Fired?

Kellyanne Conway's husband appears not to be toeing the party line when it comes to his wife's job—making digs at the White House from the safety of his computer.

George Conway, who has been married to the White House counselor since 2001, has been critical of President Donald Trump and the administration in a number of tweets, most recently referring to a New York Times report on the president potentially pardoning Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn as "flabbergasting."

Conway's husband also retweeted a post about Stormy Daniels on Wednesday. The original message suggested a lawsuit from the adult star was important in terms of how it could affect the president.

"This is why the suit by Stormy Daniels matters. It will be very hard for Trump and Cohen to avoid discovery, including depositions under oath," the tweet read.

It is not the first time George Conway has appeared to criticize the president, in what appears to be an apparent disregard for his wife's role—which often includes explaining Trump's decisions.

In one retweet that surely cut slightly too close to the bone, George Conway suggested President Trump says one thing and does another.

"So true. It's absurd. Which is why people are banging down the doors to be his comms director," George Conway wrote after retweeting the original message , apparently forgetting that his wife often responsible for interpreting Trump's various statements for the public.

However, his Twitter followers have been quick to point out that his statements reflect on his wife—with one commenting: "It's sad when @KellyannePolls husband is throwing shade at the president and his administration," and another pondering whether George's comments would get his wife fired.

And despite being a self-declared Trump supporter when he was reportedly being considered as Trump's nominee to run the Justice Department's civil division last year, CNN reported, his statements since have been less than supportive of the president.

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