'Adults Only'—Video of Kids Gatecrashing Wedding First Dance Sparks Fury

The age-old debate about whether children should be allowed to attend weddings has been rekindled after a video showing a group of kids gatecrashing a bride and groom's first dance went viral on TikTok.

When it comes to wedding etiquette, few topics divide public opinion as closely as whether children should be allowed to attend.

A YouGovAmerica poll conducted in 2021 found that while 37 percent of respondents said they would disapprove of a couple asking guests not to bring their children to a wedding, 41 percent said they would approve of such a proposal.

The issue came to the fore on social media this week after a TikTok user posting as abboudelyas24 shared a clip showing a group of children running riot on a smoke-filled dance floor while the bride and groom shared their first dance together as husband and wife.

The video can be watched here.

It's something of an unspoken tradition that guests clear the dance floor for the first dance. However, judging from the video, that message was never passed on to some of the younger guests in attendance, who can be seen dashing around the smoke-filled floor.

The only positive, perhaps, for the happy couple is that they appear unfazed by the chaos surrounding them, happy to enjoy the moment in one another's arms.

One of the main arguments put forward by those opposed to having children at weddings is that it is simply not an occasion for kids, who will often find themselves bored or easily distracted during the course of the day and the various rites of passage that take place.

If the naysayers were looking for a prime example of that theory in action, they would be hard-pressed to find a better demonstration than the one featured in the video, which has amassed over 760,000 views on social media already.

Those viewers commenting on the clip were, unsurprisingly, highly critical of the children's actions or, more specifically, the failures of their parents to bring them under control.

Christina C. Hofmann asked: "Sorry, where are the moms? This moment is so special, so hold the kids back." Amber Ey added: "And then people still have the audacity to get mad when couples decide to do kid free weddings." MichelleAlvarez 99 commented: "The kids aren't the problem, it's the parents that can't tell their kids to sit down and NO!!"

However, for most people commenting on the clip, what unfolded was the perfect demonstration of why children have no place at weddings. Joanna Morones said it was time to "normalize no kids at weddings," with Kari Brito agreeing: "That's why weddings should be NO kids! People spend so much money for this day to be perfect."

A minority stuck up for the children, with Frank Thomas writing: "Life is full of little moments, this is just one of them. The kids are just playing in the fog, I think it's cute."

Cara Harris concurred. "I personally think it's beautiful that they are enjoying the moment and kids are happy this would make my heart happy if it were me," she said.

Most were unconvinced though, with Kelly.p84 commenting: "I no longer feel guilty for having a child free wedding," while Taylor Hesskamp said: "this is why I had a 21+ wedding" and Jfduba urged others to make their weddings "adults only."

Newsweek has contacted abboudelyas24 for comment.

A little girl dancing at a wedding.
Stock image of a little girl dancing at a wedding. Footage of a group of kids overshadowing a special moment at a wedding has sparked anger. Lisa5201/Getty