Kind Gesture Praised After Delivery Driver 'Robbed' by Low $938 Order Tip

A man from Dallas has been praised all over the internet for tipping a mother-of-two delivery driver after a corporate party that ordered hundreds of dollars worth of food didn't tip appropriately.

In a post shared on Reddit on Monday, the man who goes by the username u/ShaolinJohn, explained he works as security in an office in the city, and a few nights ago, a Pizza Hut delivery driver came in to bring an order worth $938 of pizzas on the third floor.

While the corporate point of contact made their way down, the man had a general chat with the delivery driver, who ended up talking about her two aspiring athlete sons, and how hard it is to live on her salary.

Pizza delivery
A stock image shows a pizza delivery. A man has been praised online for tipping a mother-of-two delivery driver after a pizza order worth hundreds of dollars only warranted a $20 tip. Getty Images

After a while, the contact person for the order arrived at reception and asked the delivery driver to help carry the food upstairs. Excited about the tip she thought she was about to get, considering an 18 percent tip would have been $168 dollars, the mother of two rushed upstairs to help display the food in a nice and easy way for them to eat.

But as she came back downstairs her face had changed. "A few minutes later she comes back down and she sees me and says I got it all up there and set it up real nice for them, as she shows me a picture of the work she did. And then as her voice begins to break she says they only tipped me $20. I just said thank you and left."

The security man didn't think twice before giving her $50 to try and help out. "I asked for her cashapp and gave her $50 and told her she deserves more but it was all I could spare. She gave me a huge hug and said that this was a sign that her day was gonna get better."

According to recent statistics from consumer help website QuerySprout, the tipping rate at restaurants in the United States is 79 percent as 7 percent of Americans say that they don't leave a tip. Sunny weather can increase tips by up to 24 percent.

The post which was originally shared on the r/antiwork forum, which has 2 million members, has attracted a lot of attention, receiving 30,800 upvotes and 7,230 comments.

One user, DukeOfEarl99, commented: "The wealthier the client, the cheaper the tip." Mrsbatsinherbelfry said: "True story. The richest people I've worked for were also the cheapest." And SasquatchRobo added: "I didn't make all this money by giving handouts—Them, probably."

And danielisbored explained: "Handouts here includes: tips, fair any wages for employees, bills for work done by contractors, debts owed to other organizations, TAXES." Difficult_Bit_1339 joked: "Gotta save money for the important things, politicians ain't cheap after all."

Garbagecatstreetband said: "I haven't met a single rich person who is even capable of the smallest of things. They don't realize what kind of effort goes into the labor they're paying for or the amount the workers who serve them are being robbed. They are completely ignorant and cut off from suffering because everything has been handed to them."

Another user, oddlotz shared a personal experience: "An old-money lady told me the trouble with poor people is that they spend their capital and should learn to live off their interest like she does." And SasquatchRobo joked: "Look at me, I'm able to get by on a mere $500k"

WayneKrane commented: "Yup, I had a friend with rich parents. His mom took us out to eat once and made us little kids pay for our meals. I went out with my poor friend and his family insisted none of us kids pay anything."

A delivery driver, RandomNoise123 said: "The worst tips I get are the huge houses on the hill in my city. The people in apartments and trailer parks are much better tippers. Wealth definitely doesn't buy generosity."

While PizzaWall shared a little secret: "Years ago, I made $25+ an hour in tips delivering pizzas. Nobody made as much as me. The secret was to skip on any large orders. They took extra time, they always tipped poorly, if at all. I could do two deliveries in the time it took to do one big order.

"Other drivers would spit on pizzas of bad tippers. That's the thing people never realized, if you order repeatedly and get known as a bad tipper, those drivers are all alone with your food."