'Kingkiller Chronicle' Author Patrick Rothfuss Interviews His Characters About Their Sex Lives

Where's Bast on the Kinsey Scale?

The Kingkiller Chronicle author Patrick Rothfuss teamed up with artist Erika Moen for a comic about the sex lives of characters from The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear, including Kingkiller protagonist Kvothe.

Moen, creator of the sex positive webcomic Oh Joy Sex Toy ("Reviewing dodads for my gonads is what I do!" her Patreon reads), teamed with the bestselling fantasy author in fulfillment of a funding goal for the annual Worldbuilder's fundraiser, a charity started by Rothfuss which unites fantasy authors, comic book artists, tabletop gamers, board game designers and the broader geek community. This year's fundraiser raised more than a million dollars for Heifer International, a global nonprofit that has provided farm animals to 30 million families in more than 125 countries.

"We're super excited to have been able to contribute in our own ridiculous (pink!) way," Moen's creative partner and designer for Oh Joy Sex Toy posted. "A comic that helps raise money for others AND lets me fool around with one of my fav fantasy authors writing? Heck yeah."

And now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!
As a funding goal for the most recent Worldbuilders charity event, we've teamed up with Patrick Rothfuss to bring you this unique interview with his characters from his Kingkiller Chronicles series! Worldbuil… https://t.co/i0mmiX6d28 pic.twitter.com/n4rFABcXc9

— Erika Moen (@ErikaMoen) December 19, 2018

Rothfuss, or his Moen-created avatar, narrates the new comic, seemingly set inside the Waystone Inn, where Kvothe lives in hiding under the name Kote and narrates the events of The Kingkiller Chronicle. Its Rothfuss himself, cast into the world of his Chronicle, who interviews his characters about their sexuality. That is, after a sly allusion to the ongoing writing of The Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3—"Oh shit, are we working on chapter 82 today?" Kvothe asks. "I didn't get a call sheet."

"This is purely voluntary. Only if y'all are interested," Rothfuss tells his characters. "Not everyone likes to share this information." Auri, a mysterious young woman who lives in the system of ruins beneath the magic University where Kvothe is a student, takes the opportunity to step out. Other beloved characters introduced in The Name of the Wind are more forthcoming.

Deoch and Stanchion, co-owners of The Eolian, a famed music venue and tavern in the city of Imre, describe their ten-year relationship and navigating their different sex drives. Fela and Sim, classmates of Kvothe's at the University, discuss experimenting in polyamory.

Readers of The Kingkiller Chronicle can probably guess the most open and flirtatious of the bunch: Kvothe's apprentice Bast, who is a creature of the non-human Fae realm. The powerful magic user and loan shark Devi prods Bast for where he'd place himself on the Kinsey Scale. "Enthusiasm," Bast tells Devi, describing what he looks for, "Everything else is window dressing."

Readers already know a bit about Kvothe's sex life, explored in some depth in The Wise Man's Fear after he hooks up with Felurian, a Fae legendary in the human world for sexually exhausting human men to the point of death or insanity. For now, Kvothe isn't sure how to label himself. "I guess I just want someone who wants me for who I really am," Kvothe says. "Is there a name for that?"